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A hair straightening iron is an accessory that is impossible to give up. Those who want to take care of their styling without leaving anything to chance, absolutely can not give up on a similar ally.

However, choosing the best hair straightening iron is far from simple. When you decide to buy one, you will be faced with a very wide range of models. To help you navigate the market, we have created this guide that features only the best hair straightening irons that stand out for convenience and quality.

Best hair straightening irons of 2019

Remington S6500

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This is the cheapest hair straightening iron you can buy. Its ceramic coating, allows you to adjust the temperature between 150 and 230°C. It can be used after just 15 seconds, and it automatically turns off after 60 minutes of non-use.

Online reviews are very positive. Buyers claim that it is very easy to use and that it’s a solid daily driver.

It can handle even the thickest and frizzy hair, and all this for just !

Remington S9500


This is the evolution of the previous S6500. It sports a better ceramic coating and the same adjustable temperature of 150° to 235° C. It can be used after just 15 seconds, and it automatically turns off after 60 minutes of non-use.

And thanks to its semi-round shape, it can also be used to create a beautiful wavy hair look.

It also comes equipped with an elegant heat-resistant case. This is the perfect choice for those of you looking for the best price () to quality hair straightening iron.

Remington S8598

Remington S8598

This is a professional hair straightening iron () equipped with an automatic heat protection sensor that measures the level of hair hydration eight times per second. In this way, it sports triple protection from damaged hair. The integrated digital display lets you fine adjust the temperature between 5 preselected levels.

With an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes and oscillating plates for optimum contact with the hair, this straightening iron is among the most positively reviewed online, and most comments underline how the device provides optimal results without stressing the hair.

Ghd gold

Ghd gold

This hair straightening iron () is considered the best model on the market. It sports an ideal styling temperature of 185°C, which can reach in just 30 seconds, and it sports an advanced ceramic heating technology. It also comes equipped with protective slats and has an automatic sleep mode function.

Online reviews are very positive and most of them state that this device guarantees superior performance compared to other models. With just two passes, you can have a super durable smooth effect. In short, this is the best professional hair straightening iron on the market!

How to choose a hair straightening iron

First and foremost are the materials. Over time, the industry moved from aluminum to less harmful (for the hair) solutions such as ceramics, that spread the heat more evenly and move more smoothly on the hair.

An essential factor is temperature regulation. There is no straightening iron that does not work on the hair, but it is essential to orientate towards models that guarantee a maximum working temperature below 400°C.

Last but not least is the ionizing effect: when the devices negative ions encounter the positive ones normally present in the hair, they neutralize the electricity of the scalp and facilitate the straightening process.

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