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This guide will help you find out if you really need a robotic glass cleaner: so let’s find out what these devices can do for you and the considerations you’ll have to make before you buy one.

Windows cleaning can be problematic. It is one of those tasks that require a lot of effort and attention. Moreover, some windows are extremely difficult to clean because they are difficult to reach.

It is normal, therefore, to think of an automatic solution that can save you a lot of time and energy. This solution is the robotic window cleaner.

What are they?

What are they

These robots are compact and quiet, very easy to use and – above all – extremely practical.

All you need to do is just position them directly on the glass and they will take care of everything else.

Most robotic windows cleaners are lightweight, so they can “glue” to the glass without any problems. However, for a smooth operation, the glass must have a thickness of at least 5 millimeters. In addition these robots can also clean all glass surfaces (such as large tables).

Some of these robots can also clean surfaces made out of tile and marble.

What to know before choosing

Shape and size

Shape and size

The shape of these products varies greatly. The size, on the other hand depends on the glass surface you have to clean. A bigger robot is better when you have big glass surfaces to clean.

It is made up of three main parts, the motor that rotates the brushes responsibly for cleaning and the battery.


Battery life depends largely on the size of the device. In automatic mode most of these robots have an autonomy of about 20-25 minutes. In some cases it is possible to operate the robot while connected to the power supply. The bigger devices sport a bigger autonomy (about 45-50 minutes).

Battery life is one of the most important factors to evaluate when buying a robotic glass cleaner.

Remote control and smart functionalities

Nowadays, window cleaning robots include a wide variety of extra features.

Among these we can find a remote control or a dedicated app that allows you to control the device via your smartphone.


The prices start at about $120 (for the smaller models with no extra features). A mid-range robotic window cleaner costs around $200-220.

Best Window Cleaning Robots

Alfawise S60

Alfawise S60

The Alfawise S60 () window cleaner is really easy to use. Thanks to its strong cleaning power is able to clean all oil, dirt and dust residues from any type of glass surface. You can even control it remotely.

Mamibot W120

Mamibot W120

The W120 () has excellent functionalities, both smart and non-smart. It features a complex intelligent travel system that can make spotless even the largest glass surfaces and is equipped with technologies such as “Corner and Bumper Friendly” that help protect the edges of your windows.

Ecovacs Winbot W950

Ecovacs Winbot W950

The Winbot W950 (Out of stock) does all with the press of a button: its various features make this device really smart and able to clean your windows while recognizing and protecting the edges and avoiding obstacles.

These smart features, absent form low-end models, make this product our personal recommendation.

Ecovacs Winbot X

Ecovacs Winbot X

The Winbot X () is the best robotic window cleaner currently on the market. It sits at the top of its category: it has a sophisticated glass cleaning system able to guarantee excellent results in any glass surface.

The smart features ensure a quick and thorough cleaning since the robot is able to choose the optimal cleaning path, avoiding obstacles, edges and so on.

It is also cordless, so it can be used without being tethered to a power cable and it has a long autonomy, more than 50 minutes.

It is equipped with an easy to use remote control, returns to its starting point once it has finished and provides audible and visual signals if it encounters any problems.

An excellent product for those who want the very best.


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