Which is the best Pro Pad for the PlayStation 4?

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Over the last few months, we had the opportunity to test 4 of the most popular PS4 pro pads. We spent several hours playing different titles and decided to elect the best of them.

Razer Raiju

Razer Raiju Ultimate & Tournament

The Raiju is Razer’s pro pad. The company produces several variants, even one dedicated to mobile gaming (Mobile:).

Overall comfort is not at the top, especially since all variants use a bulky chassis that tends to fit gamers with generously sized hands.

All that being said we have to emphasize the excellent work done regarding the software; it is easily configurable and with a really high level of customization, the additional paddles are positioned in an intelligent way and it is worth noting that you can turn on your PlayStation 4 via the PS button or connect it to your console without additional dongles.

The Tournament and Ultimate variants

The Raiju is not the best choice for PlayStation 4 owners. The bizarre decision to have two variants with different analog thumbsticks arrangement: symmetric on the most expensive version (Ultimate:) and asymmetric on the less expensive one (Tournament:) has created a lot of confusion when choosing since most pro gamers prefer the asymmetric one but do not like the stripped down Tournament version. In addition to this incomprehensible marketing choice, the launch of the Raiju series was plagued by software issues (input lag) that took numerous updates to eliminate. At the time of writing, all the problems have been eliminated and the asking price has been slightly lowered but the Raiju series remains a very peculiar choice and it is aimed at a very exclusive audience. Our advice? Do not buy this pad before trying it out for yourself.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited

Nacon Revolution Unlimited

This pro pad is the talk of the moment (), a controller that is praised everywhere for its extremely good ergonomics and ease of use. One of its great merits is that is very similar to the Xbox One controller that is considered even today to be the best standard controller. It is also very beautiful, with a really nice LED ring around the right analog thumbstick.

Speaking about analog thumbsticks, they are positioned asymmetrically, which is the way most gamers prefer them, especially in FPS titles. The software is really excellent and allows you to customize everything at will. Also remarkable is its compatibility both with Windows and MacOS, a feature not to be taken lightly.

Another very popular choice was the inclusion of a series of small interchangeable weights so that you can adjust the weight of the controller the way you like it. Lastly but not least the controller comes with a semi-rigid case for optimal transport. A feature that is most appreciated by gamers on the go.

Scuf Impact

Scuf Impact

Scuf is one of the most popular brands in the field of pro controllers. During testing, this controller () lived up to our expectation, but truthfully we would have expected better quality materials. It gave us the feeling of being too light.

In short, it is certainly not the best product and Scuf makes a far more interesting controller (Vantage: ).


After spending about twenty hours with each controller on different titles we came to the conclusion that although Scuf Impact and Razer Raiju are absolutely top pro pads, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited () manages to give the gamer something more in terms of the overall experience. Better ergonomics, asymmetric analog thumbsticks, and solid software have elevated it above its competitors as the best pro pad for the PlayStation 4.

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