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The Top CPUs of 2023: A Showdown Between AMD and Intel

You no longer have to splurge in order to get the best processor. Thanks to the competition between Intel and AMD you can now get a chip that is not only more powerful but also way cheaper than before. From productivity chips for demanding workloads (such as 4K video editing) to the best gaming CPUs, there are so many choices for each price range and market category. This means that it is now easier than ever to find the right processor for your needs without worrying if you can afford it.

Best gaming monitor 2023 [January]

When it comes to gaming monitors, there is not one that is perfect for everybody. Each gamer requires something different which depends on the PC or console they use, the titles they like to play, and the rest of the things they intend to do with it (productivity/film). Some of the best models have an ultra-fast response time and an extremely low input lag making them particularly responsive. Others feature a 4K resolution or an ultra-widescreen. Almost all of them have a refresh rate of at least 144Hz and support a form of adaptive synchronization technology (G-sync/FreeSync). The number of models and specs can be truly overwhelming.

Best PC controller 2023 [January]

The best PC controller is not always the keyboard and mouse. There are many titles that are best enjoyed with a gamepad. PC controllers can give you more freedom of movement and allow you to assume a more relaxed and comfortable position and more precise control in certain games.

Best motherboard 2023 [January]

The motherboard is a vital part of your PC; you can compare it to the nervous system being in all respects a computers communication center – all components connect to the motherboard and through it, they “talk” to each other -, so you need to make sure that it sports the best chipset in order to ensure that all other internal components reach their full potential. Your choice, therefore, can make or break your PC.