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About Effemeride

Everything you need to know about Effemeride

Our mission is the best destination for people who want to buy the perfect product for their needs. We work hard to deliver truthful and trustworthy consumer-oriented content that helps you make the best decision. Whether it’s a new PC, smartphone, or gaming mouse you can always trust our fair and unbiased reviews here on Our goal is to make buying products a much easier task.

Most people buy the products recommended by their friends, without doing any research. This is understandable. Not everyone has time to do their own research and read hundreds of reviews.

Consider us, then, your new “geek” friends, who possess high-level research skills and test everything they buy so you don’t have to. Our mission is to help you choose the best product for you. This means straight to the point recommendations, based on in-depth reviews. It is our promise that if we say a product is good, then it is good. All our reviews also come to definitive conclusions: if we believe that a product is not worth buying, we will tell you which one you should buy instead.

So you only focus on the best products?

We look for what we think is best for most people. We don’t just look for the best or more feature-rich products. We choose stuff that best fits the lives of everyday people and that takes so much work.

Our choices require weeks or months of research and years of experience. In addition to our expertise, we read and analyze hundreds of reviews from other experts and clients to find out what really matters to people. Most of the products we choose are not high-end models that are too expensive and loaded with superfluous features; instead, we try to recommend products that are of good enough quality to justify their price, but not ones that cost too much and have extra features that you will rarely use.

They are the same products we recommend to our friends and family and the same stuff we buy ourselves.

How do we make money and how can you support us?

Our main avenue for making money is when you click on a product link and make a purchase. This is why we want to make sure we only direct you to the very best products and in this way we are aligned with your own goal: to find the best product for your needs.

Do your affiliate commissions affect your choices?

If you choose to buy a product that we recommend but eventually return it because unsatisfied, we don’t gain anything. Therefore there is no incentive for us to recommend inferior products or bend ourselves to pressure from manufacturers, in fact, it is the opposite. We think this is a fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers to the best of our abilities.

If our readers don’t trust us, we gain nothing. Thus we do everything we can to build and promote this kind of trust with you.

Product Acquisition

Some of the products we recommend are sent to us, others are lent to us and some are bought with our money – but all of them are tested equally.


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