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Best Smartphones 2019

Finding the right smartphone is not easy. We make it easier for you by selecting the top smartphones of the year.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max review: better camera and battery life

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best iPhone ever. If money isn’t a problem, you will love its improved battery life and a huge screen.

Best camera phones 2019

Mobile cameras for every need and budget, whether you are an expert photographer or an amateur.

Best gaming smartphones 2019

Smartphones dedicated to gaming are becoming more and more popular on the market. The Razer Phone has led the way and other manufacturers are now rushing into the breach. But as we will see, there's no need for an extravagantly styled smartphone and a gaming appellation to enjoy a device that offers excellent gaming comfort. If you're more often on a game than on WhatsApp or Facebook, this buying guide is for you.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 review: the integrated “triggers” make all the difference

The ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 is a good phone for gamers, as long as the crappy camera is not a problem for you.

Honor Play review: ideal for playing PUBG Mobile

One of the most interesting battles in the mobile phone market is waged in the quality/price ratio of mid-range smartphones. The Honor Play is one of the strongest contenders and adds a "gaming" arrow in its already full quiver.

Razer Phone 2 review: gaming is better at 120Hz

The adventure of Razer in the world of smartphones continues in the form of the new Razer Phone 2, a gaming device that emphasizes the combination of raw power and fast refresh rate to convince gamers that this is a one way street to mobile gaming.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 review: a real portable console

The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is a device with solid hardware for video games that has neither the best camera nor the best battery for phones of its price.

Apple iPhone 11 review: redefining limits

The Apple iPhone 11 is the most all-round product that is being offered at a lower price than last year’s iPhone XR. Apple managed to improve everything that could be improved with surprising results. Mobile photography is now a staple in smart devices and this iPhone 11 shows us that it can get even better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: is this the best smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is an excellent cell phone and the best phablet there is.