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Mice Buying Guide

The mouse is a key device with which you can perform a lot of tasks, from simple pointing on the PC screen to elaborate gaming.

In this guide we will help you choose a mouse, analyzing what are the aspects to evaluate before purchasing in order to determine which device is best suited to your needs. On the market, you can find a wide choice of models, from cheaper mice to professional graphics devices.

How to choose the right mouse

Comparing two mice may seem a simple operation, but it is not. Before proceeding with the purchase it is good to analyze the type of use you are going to make and the features that best suit your needs. Here are some suggestions on what to consider.

Work or gaming?

Work or gaming

The first thing to consider before buying a mouse is the intended use, which is the type of activity that the device should be used for. Each model has dedicated features pertaining to its use, so it is important to decide whether you want to buy a device for productivity or for gaming, or for both. Depending on the category, it is possible to focus only on the devices that are capable of performing these tasks, and are better equipped to handle them.

Wired or wireless?

Wireled or wireless

The second step is to choose between a wired or wireless mouse. The first is the classic device, rather reliable and precise, with several models that offer advanced functionality, suitable for example for work in the office or for use with a gaming PC. The wireless mouse, on the other hand, is a slightly less efficient device, although in recent years the quality of these mice has increased considerably, so they are perfect as a portable mouse, for example

The type of grip

The type of grip

You can find three different types of grip:

  • palm grip, the palm of the hand rests on the top of the device effectively hugging it;
  • fingertip grip, the palm doesn’t touch the mouse and only the fingertips are tasked with moving and clicking;
  • claw grip, the palm rests on the back of the mouse and the fingers have a slight bend over it forming a claw.

The grip depends on your personal tastes and the size of the hand.


Despite common opinion, the resolution of a mouse is not that an important of a parameter, because very few people, if any, can take advantage of a really high DPI. On the contrary, it is essential to evaluate the quality of the sensor which you can easily do by searching online and reading reviews such as those at the end of the page.

Secondary aspects

After analyzing all these aspects, you will have a clear idea of what type of device you are looking for. Of course, there are other secondary parameters too, which do not directly affect the quality and functionality of the cursor. For example, there are models with LED lighting, software that allows you to program the keys, or additional buttons, weights and interchangeable pieces that allow you to further customize the mouse to perfectly suit your needs and preferences.