Sony Master Series A9G review: LG created OLED, Sony refined it

Sony listened to its customers and that's good. The “crutch” support design of the previous OLED TVs is out and Sony returned to a classic design more suitable for wall mounting. The Sony Master Series A9G retains the qualities of its predecessors, like the excellent image quality and a very good sound. It is currently the best TV you can buy.

Sony X900F review: the most affordable premium TV

Although it is not cheap, the Sony X900F offers excellent image quality, superb design, and enough features to appeal to anyone who is not just looking for a good deal.

Sony X950G review: the flagship TV killer

Succeeding the X900F, the Sony X950G sports identical looks. Nevertheless, it takes advantage of some new features, including the integration of both Google and Alexa voice assistants. The image quality is still top-notch, thanks to the excellent contrast ratio. On the other hand, the viewing angles aren’t that great and light uniformity could be better.

LG OLED B8 review: best bang for your buck

The LG OLED B8 delivers a high-level of performance that lives up to the expectations for an OLED TV. The adoption of the less efficient α7 processor is done without too much trouble (compared to the α9 on the C8 model). The B8 remains an excellent TV and the cheapest OLED model on the market.

Samsung QLED Q90 review: is this an OLED?

We tend to favor the OLED over the QLED, but we must admit that the Samsung Q90 almost made us reconsider... Samsung understood what it lacked – viewing angles, dark scenes – to almost match LG's flagship TV. It managed to eliminate its weaknesses without compromising its strengths, like superior brightness and video game superiority.

LG OLED C9 review: the best got even better

In line with the C8, the LG OLED C9 approaches perfection. It delivers a perfectly calibrated image in SDR and HDR, infinite contrast and offers very wide viewing angles. LG improves the display delay and offers HDMI 2.1 with its functionalities (VRR, ALLM, eARC). The only criticism is its reduced peak brightness in HDR.

Best 4K 65 Inches TVs

These are the best 4K 65 Inches TVs on the market, selected by our editorial staff for video quality, audio quality, resolution, operating system, interactivity, smart features and value for money.

Best TV: Buying Guide

Televisions in recent years have seen not only an expansion of the type of panel between LCD, OLED and Quantum Dot, but also a...