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Best SSD 2023 [January]

Finding the best SSD (Solid State Drive) for your needs is important if you want a fast and responsive productivity computer or gaming machine. Switching from an HDD to an SSD is the best upgrade for your PC, bar none! A slow storage drive creates a bottleneck, forcing the processor to sit back and wait while the data arrives. To speed up read and write times, you need an SSD. It will render booting up, launching apps, and all other operations way faster. That’s why we highlighted the best SSDs available today.

Best cheap TV 2023 [January]

You don’t have to spend four figures in order to get a great TV. Today, even cheap TVs can have a good picture quality, decent sound, and smart features capable of offering you the best home entertainment experience available, including 4K resolution, HDR image processing, and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, thus eliminating the need for a TV box.

Best wireless mouse 2023 [January]

Any wireless mouse can help you keep your desk tidy, with no messy cables getting in the way, but only the best wireless mouse will also be able to track properly, feel just right in your hand and help you get your job done or game without any problems.

Best printer 2023 [January]

If you think you don’t need a printer, think again. Despite the near-omnipresence of digital displays, there are still times when you need a hard copy. However, finding the best printer for your needs can be a puzzling task, given the number of printers on the market.

Best laptop 2023 [January]

Our list of laptops encompasses a variety of brands, prices, and features. In it you will find the best laptops money can buy, and no matter what kind of device you are looking for, or your budget, we are confident that you will find the perfect model for you. We know that a large number of choices can be counterproductive, which is why we have correlated it with our buying guide.

Best soundbar 2022

We all love modern flat-screen TVs, but their sound is also a bit flat. As TVs become thinner and thinner, they also have less space for built-in speakers that generally need a lot of mass to churn out a good sound (with the exception of electrostatic panel speakers). Therefore we need another method to do justice to the images on the screen. The solution? Add a soundbar to amplify their sound and thus create the home theater of our dreams. The best soundbars can pack awesome audio into a chassis small enough to place in front or under the TV.

Best camera phone 2022

Today, it is very important to own one of the best camera phones, since for most of us our smartphone is also the only camera we possess. It is also the only truly handy camera when you come across a memorable situation or an unforgettable landscape you wish to immortalize.

Best gaming phone 2022

Phones have almost entirely replaced portable gaming consoles, and for good reason: they have powerful specs, high refresh rate displays, and better speakers than normal flagship models, while the App Store and Google Play Store both have a huge and ever-growing selection of games.

Best mid-range phone 2022

Not all of us can afford a high-end phone like the Samsung Galaxy S series or Apple’s iPhones, but the good news is that you don’t have to spend $1,000 to get a phone that combines top-notch performance with a beautiful design; in fact, there are plenty of mid-range devices that provide an equally excellent experience. Some of them cost half the price or even less. Check out our rankings of the best smartphones that cost between $300 and $600.