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OnePlus 7T

Best mid-range phone 2022

Not all of us can afford a high-end phone like the Samsung Galaxy S series or Apple’s iPhones, but the good news is that you don’t have to spend $1,000 to get a phone that combines top-notch performance with a beautiful design; in fact, there are plenty of mid-range devices that provide an equally excellent experience. Some of them cost half the price or even less. Check out our rankings of the best smartphones that cost between $300 and $600.

OnePlus 7T review: the flagship killer is back

We are often asked which is the best smartphone at the moment. If we were to answer this question today, the OnePlus 7T would most certainly be the winner. This smartphone offers a perfect balance between performance, display quality and autonomy without forgetting an essential point: the user experience. With a better camera, the OnePlus 7T could even, in our opinion, have claimed the title of smartphone of the year.