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Samsung Galaxy S10+

Best camera phone 2022

Today, it is very important to own one of the best camera phones, since for most of us our smartphone is also the only camera we possess. It is also the only truly handy camera when you come across a memorable situation or an unforgettable landscape you wish to immortalize.

Best gaming phone 2022

Phones have almost entirely replaced portable gaming consoles, and for good reason: they have powerful specs, high refresh rate displays, and better speakers than normal flagship models, while the App Store and Google Play Store both have a huge and ever-growing selection of games.

Samsung Galaxy S10 review: finally complete

Samsung has, once again, set the bar for all smartphones. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were solid devices, but Samsung updated and made some major improvements with the S10 and the S10 plus. The cameras are the same between the two models, and the new wide-angle lens is a pleasure to have and use. The displays are still the most cutting-edge in the industry. Battery life is better, especially on the S10 Plus. We also find the best Samsung software, that offers a solid performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ review: the definition of top-of-the-range

The Galaxy S10 Plus is the perfect gadget by today’s standards. Elegant, powerful, versatile, complete and in some ways surprising. It is not without defects: it is bulky for someone with small hands and still lacks a dedicated night photo mode that further enhances low light photography. For the rest, it incorporates all the best features that smartphone technology has to offer.