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Samsung Galaxy S20

Best gaming phone 2022

Phones have almost entirely replaced portable gaming consoles, and for good reason: they have powerful specs, high refresh rate displays, and better speakers than normal flagship models, while the App Store and Google Play Store both have a huge and ever-growing selection of games.

Best phone 2022

Looking to buy the best phone in 2021 means searching for a device that should last you a couple of years at the very least. The update interval for new smartphones is ever-growing and for a valid reason: even in the low-end market segment it has become increasingly difficult to buy a piece of junk. In other words, you don’t have to splurge in order to get a good phone. The truly daunting task, however, is to decide which, among all those in existence, is the perfect phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 review: just perfect

The Galaxy S20 is the cheapest phone of the new Samsung line. And although it’s not the most affordable flagship, it does offer significant improvements in camera quality, battery life, and 5G connectivity. And while you can find even better features in the Plus and Ultra versions, for everyday use, the S20 is the perfect phone for most people.