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The Division 2 Review: Ubisoft learned from past mistakes and can now look to the future

The Division 2 learns from its mistakes and offers a complete gaming experience. The gameplay formula, that of the third person looter shooter with cover system, is borrowed directly from its predecessor, but that’s also the part that made The Division so enjoyable. If you enjoyed the previous game, here you will find everything you thought was missing. Instead, if it all seemed rather repetitive to you, The Division 2 will not make you change your mind, despite all the improvements.


Dead or Alive 6 is a fun game. The gameplay suffers from the inclusion of new mechanics that do not mix perfectly with the traditional combat system. Despite all this, it’s still a pleasant game that can entertain you for hours and hours, thanks to the good quality of the single player mode and a generous dose of unlockable content.

Resident Evil 2 review

We return to Raccoon City after 21 years to relive the adventure of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, trapped in a zombie nightmare: here is the review of Resident Evil 2.