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Anker Vertical mouse review: for those with wrist problems

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Anyone who works hard at the computer will have certainly heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a type of neuropathy due to the irritation or compression of the median nerve: the Anker Vertical mouse (Check on is basically an attempt to propose a solution to those who suffer from it, lightening the load on the wrist with its vertical design.

Nevertheless, switching to this type of mouse is not as straightforward as we make it sound.

Anker Vertical – hold it like a gun

Anker Vertical – hold it like a gun

The mouse consists of the two main buttons, a wheel, an additional button placed between the two main ones and two more placed on the opposite side near the thumb.

The ergonomic grip, which is also the most important feature of this mouse, is similar (more or less) to the grip of a large gun. For the first ten minutes, everything will seem very strange and instead of a mouse you will think that you are holding a fighter jet’s control stick: the mouse’s movement is the really abnormal thing, while the position and use of the buttons will seem perfectly normal from the get-go.

After an hour or two of use, everything becomes quite normal and feels natural. The device is very large but also quite easy to move around and the wrist feels more relaxed and comfortable in its new position.

Anker Vertical – Verdict

We tried out the mouse for a couple of weeks. It is clearly a product designed for generic use, with no bells and whistles. It worked well with all Office tools and performed well while browsing the web, but with more professional apps (like Photoshop) we would have liked a tad more precision.

We also tried it out as a gaming mouse playing Diablo III, League of Legends and Starcraft II, and we must admit that it is OK for some light gaming.

After all this, we can absolutely recommend the Anker Vertical mouse (Check on to all those users who feel the need for an ergonomic product that will lighten the stress on their wrist during long office hours.

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