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AOC Q2577PWQ review

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This is a monitor designed for office/home use and thus particularly versatile.



In the package, we find everything we need to connect to the many ports on the back: a DVI cable, a VGA cable, a DisplayPort cable, and audio cable. Too bad that the HDMI one is missing.

Build quality

Build quality

There are no special design elements, and this monitor is not distinguished by fine lines and materials. This doesn’t mean that this is a bland monitor, on the contrary, it is embellished by the glossy finish and rather contained frames around the display. The base is also height adjustable. You can also rotate the screen 90° to use it in portrait mode.

On the back, you will find all the ports listed above: DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI, DVI, audio input and output. The monitor is equipped with a rear speaker, positioned at the top and virtually invisible. The only real flaw is that the monitor trebles every time I hit the desk.

Image Quality

Image Quality

It is a 25-inch display with QHD resolution (2,560×1,440 pixels). It is OK; compared to a Full HD resolution monitor of the same size it gives you that extra space that always makes a difference and compared to a 4K monitor it keeps the cost low and you can use it to its full potential with an older PC setup.

The colors are pretty bright, although not that vivid, but the blacks are also quite deep. The matte finish makes the IPS panel (which is clearly visible from every angle) even more readable. The large on-screen controls allow you to adjust everything according to your preferences.

The response time measures 5ms, which is slow for a dedicated gaming monitor but will satisfy the casual gamer. This monitor is very versatile and suitable for office use, both with Office and photo editing programs, as well as a home monitor, for media consumption and video games.


The price is (Check on which is proportionate to the level of quality but not the most competitive out there.

Final Verdict

AOC has made a truly solid monitor for general use. At 25″ it is neither too big nor too small, it has a QHD resolution that is higher than Full HD but not as “excessive” as 4K, and is equipped with all the possible ports. It lacks the wow factor whether a special function or a lower price, but both office and home users will be happy with this purchase.

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