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Apple Magic Mouse 2 review: no better than the older model

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Apple could safely avoid a Magic Mouse 2 (Check on with so few novelties. That’s what I thought as soon as I saw it. It has the same design, no additional functionality, even missing Force Touch, and costs more than the previous one. What does the “2” stand for?

The mouse is aesthetically identical to the previous mouse and so is the touch and feel. You will never notice that it weighs 10 grams less, and the only visible differences lie on the bottom, where there is no longer a hatch for the batteries since this model sports an integrated one. We also note the disappearance of the notification LED (which was not very useful in the first place) and the presence of a Lightning port for charging. The optical sensor is the same and does not work on transparent surfaces. A wasted opportunity for a potentially useful improvement, albeit not fundamental.

Ergonomically, the Magic Mouse has always had an inherent defect due to its very nature. The upper touch surface must be used with your fingers, so the device must be very low and could never match the shape of the Logitech MX Master, which I personally find much more comfortable. It should be pointed out that everyone can have different feelings about this, but I believe that the issue can be addressed correctly from an orthopedic point of view and the fact of the matter is that by resting your hand on the mouse is definitely better for the joints, since it requires less effort.

The switch to an integrated battery is absolutely indifferent. It is a simplification but also has negative effects. For example, one could wonder about longevity: I bought my first Magic Mouse in 2009 and its autonomy is always the same, but how will the Magic Mouse 2 behave after 5 years let alone 10? The built-in battery will eventually deteriorate and it is not replaceable by the user. Moreover, Apple didn’t change the design of the device in order to optimize the positioning of the charging port, which, being at the bottom, does not allow you to use the mouse while charging.

Like with the old Magic Mouse, you can still use the surface above the Apple logo to swipe your finger up, down, left, right, in diagonal, or even in a circle. The buttons are always two and are not programmable.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Verdict

I must admit that I tried several alternative mice, and they were almost always more ergonomic, but the convenience of the touch gestures and the fluidity of movement, always makes me come back to the Magic Mouse. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but I find it more practical. However, I don’t think that there is a valid reason to update from the older version. The Magic Mouse 2 (Check on is just an improved version for new buyers. I still think that Apple could have avoided this update since the improvements are marginal at best.

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