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Apple Watch series 4 review

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Since its launch in 2015, it has remained virtually unchanged but the Watch series 4 (Check on is a bigger novelty than you might think.



Inside the box, we find, in addition to the watch, the magnetic charging base, and the strap.

Build quality

Build quality

The design is the same. A “polished” rounded rectangle. It is instantly recognizable and although this is not the most beautiful design for a watch, it is functional, offering an even larger display. The Watch Series 4 is larger, growing to 40 and 44mm, but remains compatible with the older straps. It is equipped with two physical buttons. It is made of ceramic and sapphire crystal, and it is water-resistant up to 165ft deep.


Apple Watch 4

The processor is a dual-core Apple S4, accompanied by an Apple W3 wireless chip that enables support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and if you get the Cellular variant also to LTE networks, using an eSIM that lets you use the same number and the same voice/data plan of your smartphone. It is also equipped with a large number of sensors, such as a barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. The speaker has been moved to the opposite side of the microphone and is now more powerful. The haptic feedback is out of this world. It doesn’t seem to vibrate, but rather give you a delicate tap on your wrist, which feels different depending on the function it is paired to.



Depending on the variant, you will find yourself with a 1.57″ or 1.78″ OLED display. This is a fantastic panel, always bright and adapts perfectly to ambient light conditions. There is no always-on mode, but the movement detection is so precise that you will soon forget about its absence.



The Watch Series 4 runs the Watch OS 5 which is a solid refinement. Among the novelties, we find a nice walkie talkie function, a new dial with 7 actionable complications and many other new dials that are added to the previous ones. Just like the design of the watch, the interface is certainly not the most satisfying to the eye, but in the end, you get to understand that many choices are due to usability and simplicity. The interface is simple, intuitive and functional at all times.

The new OS comes with increased attention to fitness with more data to show and the addition of Yoga and Trekking. The most advertised feature is fall detection: the watch will try to get your attention after a fall and after a minute of immobility will call for rescue.

The only thing missing? Sleep tracking. But all you really need is a third-party app, and it integrates seamlessly with Apple’s Health app. But why doesn’t Apple integrate a similar function? The answer is autonomy.


The Apple Watch Series 4 has a battery that does not allow up to two full days of battery life. It’s easy to assume that Apple didn’t want to advertise it as a sleeping tracker, simply because at night you’ll have to recharge it.


The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at (Check on The price is undoubtedly high and higher than the competition, but still in line with other Apple products.

Final verdict

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch on the market. The leap forward compared to previous generations is remarkable, thanks to the new display. It doesn’t sport the most beautiful design or interface, but after using it for a while you will understand that the keyword here is “functionality”.

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