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ASUS ProArt PA329Q review

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This is a professional monitor from ASUS (Check on with only one serious drawback: if you try it out, you will want one.


In the box, apart from the monitor and its stand, ASUS has included a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable, one HDMI cable, and one USB cable.

Build quality

The ASUS PA329Q doesn’t go unnoticed, not only because of its size (this is a 32″ monitor), but also because of its impressive stand, which is not too elegant and made entirely of plastic, but that allows you to adjust the display however you prefer it.

It’s not very thin but it includes a good quality speaker, which is way better sounding than the average speaker we find in this kind of monitors.

It comes equipped with many ports: 4 HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2, a mini DisplayPort, 5 USB 3.0 ports (3 on the left side and 2 on the back) and also an SD card reader and an audio jack (which annoyingly comes out on the back instead on the side).

The only thing that isn’t that straightforward is the 6+1 buttons on the rear, that are responsible for the on-screen controls.

Image quality

We could go on and on praising the visual qualities of this monitor, but the reality is that you should see it for yourself to understand how good it is. As far as the numbers go, we have a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels, with 1.07 billion viewable colors, that cover 100% of the sRGB spectrum and 99.5% of the Adobe RGB spectrum.

Color fidelity is therefore impressive and widely customizable with various profiles, while the brightness is spread evenly over the entire surface, without visible shady areas, and the matte finish manages glare quite effectively.

Asus also included many “extra” functions, such as QuickFit, which overlays some predefined formats (A4) on the screen, or the integrated blue light filter, or the Picture-by-Picture function, which allows you to view side-by-side picture from up to 4 different sources, or the Picture-in-Picture function, which inserts a secondary source within a main one. And the great thing is that each of these sources can have its own color settings.

There is also a dedicated calibration software, called ASUS ProArt Calibration, that lets you configure the monitor even more precisely.


The ASUS ProArt PA329Q costs (Check on This is a professional monitor so the price is in line with the product.

Final Verdict

The ASUS ProArt PA329Q is the perfect professional 4K monitor: it’s big, with excellent color quality, visible from an angle, and widely customizable. It includes many extra functions dedicated to professional use, and its only real drawback is the price, still in line with its performance and quality.

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