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Best micro USB cables

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Micro USB ports are everywhere. Smartphones, headphones and speakers, tablets, joysticks, camcorders, and many other devices need micro USB cables to charge and connect with other devices.

Choosing a high-quality cable offers you the best possible performance and ensures that your purchase lasts over time, thus decreasing unnecessary expenses.

Everyday micro USB cables

If you are looking for something simple and suitable for everyday life, the following micro USB cables will allow you to get the most out of them since they have the best price/quality ratio.

Anker PowerLine

Anker PowerLine

The best micro USB cable you can buy right now (Check on Durable, fast and safe, this is one of the best-selling products in the industry with more than 20 million units there to attest to it.

Thanks to the larger diameter cables reinforced with Kevlar fibers, the interference is significantly reduced and the cable is significantly stronger than other cheap alternatives.

Confident in their performance, Anker offers a solid warranty and excellent customer service.



Cute and chic, this micro USB cable does not disappoint with its performance. With a very low price, you can choose between two cables of 3.3ft (Check on each or 1 cable of 6.5ft (Check on Available colors are blue, sidereal grey and red.

Thanks to the nylon coating, this cable is tangle-free, which makes it almost indestructible for normal daily use. And although the brand isn’t as widely known as Anker, it uses good quality materials.

Rampow provides a lifetime warranty for its products, thus increasing the trust of its customers.

Durable micro USB cables

Whether it’s for sports or work sometimes we need a cable with extra durability that will sustain some punishment and last for longer. Designed to withstand high-stress conditions, its only drawback is the price compared to a budget micro USB cable, but its durability more than justifies the premium.

Fuse Chicken Titan

Fuse Chicken Titan

The undisputed king in this category is the Fuse Chicken Titan (Check on This product is virtually indestructible!

The actual cable is covered with two layers of high-strength flexible steel. And the connectors are permanently sealed, with the electronics fused inside the protective body. And since a picture speaks louder than 1,000 words just watch the video:

Retractable and portable micro USB cables

Do you need to always bring with you a micro USB cable that does not take up much space and doesn’t get tangled? These cables have variable lengths and occupy minimal space. They are certainly more delicate than their rugged counterparts but are also extremely useful in certain situations that it is a good idea to always have one with you.



A retractable micro USB cable (with both USB-C and Lightning adapters) that is both lightweight and simple. It’s essentially a jack of all trades (Check on

It is very basic in its function but it will allow you to both charge your devices and transmit data between them. This micro USB cable is the perfect companion for those looking for something to always bring along on the go.

Its length is about 3.3ft.

Multipack micro USB cables

If you need to buy micro USB cables for the whole family or because you have more than one device, these multipacks can guarantee a better price.


RAVPower Unity

RAVPower stands for quality. The micro USB cables of this series are subjected to hard testing during production. They have a reinforcement outer layer that guarantees a durability up to 5 times greater than conventional cables.

The thickness of the cables also supports recharges with an adapter that pushes out more than 2A. Safety in these situations is also a concern thus the connector enjoys fire retardant TPE protection.

The package (Check on includes three micro USB cables, two 3ft and one 6ft.


Rampow multi

Rampow is a fairly new brand that is slowly gaining a following in the industry.

Compatible with all devices they support a charge up to 2.4A. The strength of these products is remarkable, thanks to the nylon mesh that makes them more durable and also better to look at.

They also come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

The package (Check on contains two cables 3.3ft long.

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