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Best Non Slip Yoga Mats: Buying Guide

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Fans of this ancient discipline will certainly have no doubt: to practice yoga in the most beneficial and correct way possible, a good mat is an indispensable tool. And not only for comfort, but also for safety: a quality product prevents slipping thus avoiding dangerous injuries, protects the joints when taking certain positions and ensures greater hygiene during exercises. But how to choose the best non-slip yoga mat?

There are obviously several factors to take into account when buying a yoga mat. The first is the intended use: if it is a product you can leave in the gym or use in your own yoga room, you can take advantage of a large, high texture mat. If you are looking for a travel solution, you should also consider its lightness, ease of transport and the possibility of quick cleaning. Typically, commercially available versions have a thickness that goes from 1.5 to 6 millimeters, that you’ll have to choose according to personal preference. The most popular materials are natural rubber, cotton, jute, cork, bamboo, hemp, PVC and TPE. The most popular are the last two since they are more versatile especially during transport and washing. Here are our choices:

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

For: Strength, ease of transport, quality, the effectiveness of the anti-slip system;

Against: the price is higher than average but it’s justified when you consider the quality of the product.

For those looking for a solution of the highest standard, and one that is suitable for transport, the Liforme Yoga Mat (Check on guarantees maximum comfort and the highest safety standards. Available in blue, pink, grey and green, this solution includes the Liforme Yoga Mat bag, which not only stores the mat while on the go but also protects its features. Made of a special “GripForme” material, it guarantees stability and excellent grip during yoga, and sports generous dimensions for a travel solution: 180cm long, 65cm wide and two millimeters thick.

You can use it as a single mat or in combination with another, it incorporates not only an effective anti-slip system — for maximum safety and stability — but also, above all, useful alignment indicators.

Heathyoga Yoga Mat

Heathyoga Yoga Mat

For: Lightweight, handy, easy to carry and clean with generous dimensions that allow greater comfort during positions

Against: some complain about a reduction in grip if you sweat profusely

For yoga enthusiasts looking for a good quality budget proposal, the Heathyoga (Check on mat combines practicality and lightness. Available in light blue, grey, pink, dark purple and green grass, it’s made of non-slip TPE: a material that, according to the manufacturer, makes it non-toxic, free of potentially harmful substances and with no traces of PVC or latex. Easy to clean and also to recycle, it measures 183×65cm, sports a thickness of 6 millimeters, and weighs 1.1 kilograms. It incorporates a Velcro strap and a shoulder strap for carrying.

The peculiarity of this product is its double-layer design: on the bottom half, it has a texture reminiscent of a tire, to ensure maximum adhesion to the floor. On the upper half, we can see a “diamond” configuration that offers excellent grip for both feet and hands.

YAWHO Yoga and Fitness Mat

YAWHO Yoga and Fitness Mat

For: Easy to carry, the materials feel good, good grip

Against: it has a particular smell when first opened, but it disappears after a day, better if exposed to fresh air

Another affordable solution, but of good quality, the YAWHO (Check on mat offers some interesting features. It is waterproof and easy to clean since it is made of the same TPE material as the previous one, great for hygiene and good for recycling. Available in blue, green, purple, cyan and pink, it measures 183×66cm, with a thickness of 6mm. This mat also features yoga position guides to make your positions easier and more precise, and can also be used for other fitness activities.

Thanks to a laser engraved texture, the mat ensures a good grip, while the bottom part maintains maximum adhesion to the floor.

Our choice

Considering the high-quality materials, ease of transport, the position indicators and its durability, our editorial staff recommends the Liforme yoga mat: the price is higher than average (Check on but it is justified by the features of the product.

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