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Best Portable Charging Stations And Power Banks: Buying Guide

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If it is true that we are no longer able to live without our smartphone, then it is better if we are always prepared to charge them up.

Best charging station for the office: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Best charging station for the office Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

This wireless charger from Samsung (Check on can charge two devices simultaneously or one device and a smartwatch. It is very practical and compatible with all devices equipped with QI wireless charging. Thanks to its Fast Charge technology, this charging station offers ultra-fast and secure charging and is capable of charging Samsung smartphones from 0 to 50% in just under 30 minutes. The built-in stand function allows you to conveniently view the screen of your phone while it is charging. With its sober and elegant design, it perfectly matches any environment. Easy to use, just plug it into an adapter or computer and lay your devices on the charging pad.

Best design: WOODIE Milano

Best design WOODIE Milano

The Woodie Wireless charger is the best looking portable charger for your smartphone. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices it is produced by the skilled craftsmen of Woodie Milano. This charger has a stunning rosewood coating and is finished with durable anodized aluminum.

Best Power Bank: AUKEY Powerbank 20000mAh 2 Ports

Best Power Bank AUKEY Powerbank 20000mAh 2 Ports

This portable power bank (Check on can fully charge an iPhone XS up to 6 times, or an iPhone XS Max/ iPhone XR up to 5 times, or a Galaxy Note 9 up to 4 times. It sports 2 USB ports rated at 3.4A output each so it is capable of charging 2 iPads simultaneously at maximum speed.

Best solar charger: AUKEY 21W Solar Charger

Best solar charger AUKEY 21W Solar Charger

Fast Charge with the power of the sun. This solar charger (Check on can give your devices a charging speed up to 2A for each port when under direct sunlight. It is equipped with SunPower solar panels that sport a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.5%. It is also rather durable since the solar panels are laminated with a high strength PVC material which ensures they are waterproof and weather-resistant.

Best solar charger on the go: ADDTOP 25000mAh Solar Charger

Best solar charger on the go ADDTOP 25000mAh Solar Charger

This high capacity solar charger (Check on, allows you to charge your electrical devices any time you can see the sun. Ideal for all outdoor activities. Its size makes it suitable for it to take with you while you travel by train or plane.

Best portable power bank: POWERADD Slim2 5000mAh

Best portable power bank POWERADD Slim2 5000mAh

It measures 10×3.3×3.1cm and weighs just 118g. It will cover all your daily needs by taking up less space. The Slim2 (Check on will automatically detect your device so it can ensure maximum charging speed without damaging the battery. The maximum output is 2.1A.

For those of you that always forget the cable: Luxtude 5000mAh Slim with Integrated USB Type C Cable

For those of you that always forget the cable Luxtude 5000mAh Slim with Integrated USB Type C Cable

The integrated USB Type C Cable is 10cm long. The device (Check on is slim and has a rather simple design that makes it easy to put in your pocket and convenient to carry around, anytime, anywhere. It has a high-efficiency transfer and is perfectly compatible with most mobile phones.

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