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Best Professional Hair Dryer

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Buying a professional hair dryer perfect for your needs today is possible thanks to the wide range of products on the market. But what really distinguishes a professional hair dryer from a traditional one? First of all, the drying speed is faster, since these hair dryers are more powerful than traditional ones. Drying speed is a key factor especially for those with very thick and long hair. In addition, professional hair dryers are equipped with technologies that protect your hair keeping them healthy, hydrated and shiny.


Whether you have curly, straight, rebellious, frizzy or wavy hair, a professional hair dryer is always the best solution for treating them with care.

Modern professional hair dryers are equipped with two key technologies: ionic and ceramic. The ionic technology breaks down water molecules into smaller particles, that get absorbed from the hair, thus keeping them soft and hydrated. The ceramic technology maintains a constant temperature and distributes the generated heat more evenly, thus protecting your hair from burning, and making them shine.

A third feature to look out for is the ability to adjust the temperature to the type of hair you have. For example, for thick and curly hair, it is better to use a higher temperature, on the contrary for very thin and fragile hair, too high of a temperature could seriously harm them.

The best professional hair dryers are also equipped with a button for cold air, ideal for fixing the styling and shaping your hair with your fingers.

When accessories count

Among the most common accessories are the air concentrators. Another important accessory is the air diffuser, suitable for curly or wavy hair. The diffuser renders the jet of air coming out of the hairdryer less aggressive, allowing for a gentler drying.

Other factors to consider

Additional features, such as weight, size, cable length, and materials are also important. The weight and size are very important. The best professional hair dryers must be handy and practical and have a cable length of at least 2 meters to allow freedom of movement. Quality materials are also a key factor. Due to the high temperatures, it is paramount that the hairdryer is made out of durable materials, and that it is possible to clean the rear grille of the appliance.

Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic

With a stylish and futuristic design, the Dyson Supersonic (Check on is a coveted product! Compact, lightweight and balanced, this hairdryer is equipped with a 1600 Watt V9 digital motor that resides in the handle while the Air Multiplier Technology is capable of generating a powerful and uniform airflow. It guarantees fast, precise, and delicate drying by sucking 13 liters of air per second and dissing out 40. The thermal sensor measures the temperature, protecting the hair from excessive heat. The 7 settings, the professional air diffuser, the two air concentrators, and the innovative magnetic attachment system, make this Dyson Supersonic the best professional hair dryer for all types of hair and hairstyles.

Remington Air3D

The Remington Air3D (Check on definitely looks the part! The revolutionary 3D technology designed by Remington, allows the airflow to be directed evenly and consistently in a three-dimensional way. With a compact, lightweight, and eye-catching design, this hair dryer ensures a fast, precise, and long-lasting drying, thanks to the cold air button for fixing the styling. The 2times Shine technology, the ceramic coating, and ionic technology will render your hair softer and shinier. The Remington Air3D is equipped with an 1800 Watt DC motor which, unlike other professional hair dryers, resides in the handle. The 5 settings, the professional air diffuser, the two air concentrators, and the “push to lock” attachment system, make this professional hairdryer, a premium product, able to meet everyone’s needs.

Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly

Designed to safeguard the environment and sustainable development, the Parlux 3800 (Check on is a unique product! With an attractive design, practical and lightweight, this device guarantees a fast, precise, and delicate drying thanks to the ionic and ceramic technology. With its 4 settings and two air concentrators, it is ideal for any type of hair. Equipped with an integrated silencer, it minimizes noise making it a great product for the best professionals in the industry. The only drawback? The lack of an air diffuser, which you can buy separately (Check on In conclusion, the Parlux 3800 is a high-end product that guarantees professional performance. And with a power of 2100 Watts, drying times are significantly reduced.

Braun Satin Hair 7

Braun Satin Hair 7

Thanks to its innovative technology called SensoDryer, this device uses a thermal sensor, that allows it to constantly detect and adjust the temperature, reducing the risk of heat damage to your hair. Satin Hair 7 (Check on is also equipped with IONTEC technology, for an even, fast, and professional drying. With its 10 different settings, 2 buttons for cold air, a narrow air concentrator, and a professional air diffuser, it’s the ideal professional hair dryer for any type of hair and hairstyle. The only drawback is its high consumption when you use it at full blast at 2000 Watts.

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