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Best Pulsed Light Epilators

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Braun BD3001: The Best-Seller

Braun BD3001 Best-seller

Braun BD3001 (Check on is characterized by a shape designed to make the epilator particularly handy and precise.

The operation is extremely simple and safe thanks to the SensoAdapt sensor for automatic skin tone recognition.

The lamp is guaranteed for 250,000 flashes, which is equivalent to about 10/12 years of treatment, before exhaustion.

The treatment area measures about 3 square centimeters and has 3 selectable power levels.

For maximum speed, you can use the Gliding mode, which allows for continuous pulse emission every 3 seconds.

It also comes with a Gentle mode, and we recommend you to use this mode the first time you operate this machine if you have no prior experience.

The Braun BD3001 is not a cheap device but has a good value for money. It’s simple to use, with good technical specs, and suitable for treating all body parts.

Remington I-Light Pro: For both men and women

Remington I-Light Pro For both men and women

Remington I-Light Pro (Check on is an epilator characterized by the main unit that also acts as a docking station for storing the pulse emitter after use.

It has 5 power levels and is equipped with a 100,000 flash lamp with a maximum treatment surface of 3 square centimeters (2cm² using the face adapter included in the box).

Thanks to the advanced Propulse technology patented by Remington, this device declares that it can achieve permanent results after just 3 treatments.

However, final results vary greatly depending on the skin’s phenotype and whether the user is a man or a woman.

The Remington I-Light Pro is a versatile device that can produce appreciable results for both men and women.

How to choose a pulsed light epilator

For anyone who wants effective hair removal at home, a pulsed light epilator is the best solution. Recent technological advances have made them much more effective and easier to use. Before purchasing one it is important to inquire about its characteristics in order to choose the best device for your particular needs. Some epilators in fact, are indicated for treating acne and skin spots.

A pulsed light epilator has a number of important characteristics:

Wavelength: Professional pulsed light epilators must have a wavelength between 600 and 1200 nanometers

Lamp life: You have to know how much is going to last and how much it costs to have it replaced.

Light intensity: This parameter measures the ratio between the power of the light and the surface illuminated by the flash, and is measured in J/cm2. It basically indicates the power with which the light beam will hit the skin. Given that all pulsed light epilators on the market fully comply with the established safety standards, a lower value can mean a few more sessions before obtaining the expected final result but it will also be more delicate to your skin.

Skin tone: it’s always better to choose a machine that distinguishes between different skin colors and adjusts light intensity.

Timing: a pulsed light epilator emits light flashes in order to warm and weaken the hair bulb, favoring the detachment of the hair. This warming period must be followed by a resting period in order to let the skin cool down. Professional epilators have adjustable timings that can be set depending on the needs and characteristics of each person, while those for private use, have fixed timings by the manufacturer.

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