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Best Swiss Army Knife

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The Swiss army knife was designed at the end of the nineteenth century by Karl Elsener for the Swiss army, and it still widely used.

Also known as a multi-purpose knife, this tool is extremely versatile, cheap and pocket-sized.

You can use it to peel an apple, uncork a bottle, tighten a screw, cut something or even file a broken nail.

DIY enthusiasts prefer the Victorinox brand, but there are many manufacturers that produce and sell this kind of tool.

There are many types, that differ in price, quality, materials and of course accessories, that’s why it is important to choose the right model for your particular needs.

To help you choose we have compiled a list of the best models to consider before buying the right one for you.

Victorinox Swisschamp

Victorinox Swisschamp

We start with the king of Swiss army knives. This tool measures 91mm in length and weighs 186 grams, which is on the heavy side compared to the smaller models.

It sports 33 tools in one: large blade; small blade; corkscrew; can opener with a small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws); bottle opener with a large screwdriver and wire stripper; reamer; key ring; tweezers; toothpick; scissors; multipurpose hook; wood saw; fish scaler with a hook disgorger and ruler (in/cm); nail file with a nail cleaner, metal file, and metal saw; fine screwdriver (2.5mm); chisel/scraper; pliers with a wire cutter and wire crimper; Phillips screwdriver; magnifying lens; pressurized ballpoint pen; straight pin; patented mini-screwdriver; and sewing eye.

You can have it in red, turquoise, acid green, ice, black and even in wood.

It also comes with a leather pouch (Check on for easy transport and storing.

Its price? (Check on

Victorinox Huntsman

Victorinox Huntsman

This model represents the perfect balance between functionality, size, and price. It still measures 91mm in length but its thickness and weight are way less. You can easily carry it in your pocket.

It has 15 functions: large blade; small blade; corkscrew; can opener; small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws); bottle opener; large screwdriver; wire stripper; reamer; key ring; tweezers; toothpick; scissors; multipurpose hook; wood saw.

It costs (Check on

Victorinox Classic


This is the budget model ideal for those looking for a basic tool.

It measures 58mm in length and weighs only 21 grams, one of the lightest and smallest Swiss army knives in the market.

Inside we find a: blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, keyring, tweezers, and a toothpick.

It has a price tag of just (Check on

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