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Bose SoundLink Micro Review

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The SoundLink Micro (Check on could be the answer to your wishes. It is IPX7 certified, it is portable, uses a semi-elastic silicone strap that can wrap around almost anything, and above all, it is a Bose product.

With cheaper and smaller models available on the market, is it really worth buying the Bose SoundLink Micro?

Packaging and equipment

Packaging and equipment
  • Bose SoundLink Micro
  • A USB cable for charging

Design and build quality

Design and build quality

The Bose Micro SoundLink is a beautiful product unpretentious in its design. The pebble-shaped unit features a basic upward-facing speaker (when it is “lying” flat on a surface) and a simple Micro USB port for charging on the top. On the main body, there is the usual assortment of controls for volume, Bluetooth pairing and voice controls (Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa).

Some may complain about the “anonymous” design, but I personally am a big fan of this design for a number of reasons. First, it is definitely compact (9,83×9,83×3,48cm – 3.87×3.87×1.37in). The size, combined with the flat design, makes it considerably smaller and more suitable for travel than most competing Bluetooth speakers, such as the EU Wonderboom.

Second, it is durable as hell. The scratch-resistant rubber frame can be seriously mistreated. In addition to surviving unharmed my drop test, it easily resisted the wrath of my nephew, who clearly mistook it for a Frisbee.

The IPX7 certification also means that it is water-resistant, which will be an advantage for people who are looking for a speaker to use in the shower or poolside (it can survive underwater up to 1 meter (3.28) in-depth and up to 30 minutes). However, it does not float like the EU Wonderboom.

Luckily this is not a problem, thanks to the strap. The strap is attached directly to the bottom of the Micro and can be used to easily attach it to a variety of items. At launch, Bose described the strap as an ideal friend for extreme sports fanatics who want to listen to music while wandering through forests and cliffs. But for me, it is also useful at home. The strap makes it easy to use in places such as the kitchen and the shower, where space is valuable.

The advertised battery life of six hours is measured at 50% volume; it dropped to about four hours with the volume set to max.



My experience with small-sized speakers like the SoundLink Micro has traditionally not been positive for a couple of reasons. Their size means that the maximum volume is never high enough for outdoor use and because they almost always have weak bass and generally bad highs.

That is why I was surprised with this Bose speaker. The maximum volume is not on par with the larger Wonderboom, but it can still “amaze” for a speaker of this size, designed for outdoor use. In fact, I found myself limiting its volume to 75% for fear of disturbing my neighbors.

The sound quality, albeit not perfect, is also impressive. The “tailor-made transducer and miniature dual-passive radiators” offer surprisingly full-bodied bass. Listening to classic blues was more enjoyable than I expected.

The only quibble with the audio is that unlike the Wonderboom, it does not offer a 360 degree sound output. The audio is pushed out upwards (or frontally, depending on how you place it). This means that audio quality and volume deteriorate quickly if you move away from the sound path.

Theoretically, you can work around this problem by using the speaker pairing feature. Like other devices, the Micro has the ability to pair with other speakers of the same family to increase volume or create a stereo effect. However, I did not have the chance to test this feature, as the Micro was the only SoundLink product I had available.


The Bose SoundLink Micro brings mega volume into a super-compact design.

In this price range (Check on you can’t expect premium sound quality, but it’s enough to enjoy your music without any problems. And it’s even waterproof.

I would have preferred greater autonomy and a 360° sound output. But, despite everything, Bose did a good job and I do recommend this SoundLink Micro.

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