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Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

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The Bose SoundLink Mini II (Check on is a relatively dated product, having been released in 2015. But how does the SoundLink Mini II measure up to more modern devices?

Reading the spec sheet, you may be disappointed about not finding some nowadays basic features. There is no NFC or Bluetooth Multipoint for pairing with multiple devices at the same time and it is not water-resistant.

The battery life is also evaluated for an average of 10 hours. There are speakers like the JBL Charge 3 that can last up to 20 hours, and charge your phone at the same time.

Although the lack of functions may discourage some buyers, it would be a mistake not to consider the SoundLink Mini II because it remains one of the best wireless speakers on the market.


  • Bose SoundLink Mini II
  • Charging base
  • Wall charger
  • Charging cable

Design and build quality

Design and build quality

The construction of the Bose SoundLink Mini II exudes quality from the moment you touch it. It weighs 0,68kg (1.5lb), quite heavy considering its small size (5,1x18x5,8cm – 2x7x2.3in).

On top of the speaker you will find all the controls. The multi-function button can be used to switch tracks or to activate a voice assistant like Siri. The speaker also contains a built-in microphone so you can answer calls.

On the left side of the speaker, you will find the MicroUSB charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Last but not least, there are feet at the bottom of the speaker to use with the supplied charging base. The dock is not necessary, however, as you can simply charge it via a micro-USB cable.

Overall, the Bose SoundLink Mini II is a pleasantly looking speaker that exudes quality thanks to its aluminum construction. It is small enough to easily carry it in your bag but think twice before taking the SoundLink Mini II to the beach because it is not water-resistant.



Although small, the Bose SoundLink Mini II remains one of the best wireless speakers we’ve ever heard.

While most compact wireless speakers struggle to output bass, the SoundLink Mini II can deliver a balanced sound. We were impressed by the quality and impact of bass while it was playing Rock songs with authority and without distortion, even at high volume.

Compared to the competition, the Bose SoundLink Mini II sounds better. The JBL Charge 3 can produce more bass, but it is less balanced and it can overwhelm the high frequencies at times. Other speakers of similar size sound muted compared to the Bose and could not reproduce so many details.

Bose has not neglected other parts of the audio spectrum either. The highs are energetic. The SoundLink Mini II is one of few speakers that have the ability to produce a true range of instruments (soundstage). Most other wireless speakers of this size sound simply boring.

Similarly, the mids are lush and warm, helping to make heavy tracks shine. We were impressed by the speaker’s ability to retrieve details such as a singer’s breath and the audience’s jingle during a live jazz music recording.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the SoundLink Mini II performance is its ability to sound good at any volume. This speaker can produce the same bass impact and depth at a low listening volume, which we cannot say for most wireless speakers of its size.

Speaking of volume, the SoundLink Mini II has seemingly unlimited volume adjustment levels, so you can listen to your music exactly at the volume you want it. There is not even the classic hiss of the loudspeaker, almost always present at low volumes, which is perfect for classical music lovers.


Since 2015, wireless speakers have changed and have evolved a lot. Consumers who expect to find NFC, multi-speaker pairing, Bluetooth multipoint, waterproofing and a battery life that can last for several days will be disappointed with the SoundLink Mini II.

However, that would be a mistake, as it remains one of the best wireless speakers on the market. This tiny speaker punches above what its size would suggest, producing deep bass, sparkling treble, and a lush mid-range. While most wireless speakers sound OK, the Bose SoundLink Mini II proves that small speakers don’t have to compromise the sound. At its current price of (Check on is truly the best buy.

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