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Best PC controller 2023 [January]

The best PC controller is not always the keyboard and mouse. There are many titles that are best enjoyed with a gamepad. PC controllers can give you more freedom of movement and allow you to assume a more relaxed and comfortable position and more precise control in certain games.

Best gaming keyboard 2023 [January]

If you are a gamer you have to take the purchase of a gaming keyboard very seriously. When the keyboard acts as a controller it becomes much more than just a typing tool. It’s the extension of yourself, your interface with the digital world. Thus if you want to game on a PC, it’s worth knowing what makes a gaming keyboard truly good. Below you will find a guide in order to choose the best one for you along with our list of best gaming keyboards.

Best gaming mouse 2023 [January]

As a gamer, you decided to trash your old mouse and replace it with a gaming one? Great decision, a gaming mouse can offer you performance and functionalities that your traditional mouse never could. And who said that in order to buy one of the best gaming mice you had to spend an arm and a leg?

Astro Gaming C40 TR review: PS4’s Elite controller

Astro is a peripheral company purchased by Logitech that focuses on gamers. The company is most notable for its excellent A40 gaming headphones. Its latest product, the Astro Gaming C40 TR, is a controller for PlayStation 4 and PC that is modular and fully customizable. The acronym TR stands for “Tournament Ready”. This model is, in fact, produced for professional gamers or those training to become one.

SteelSeries Apex Pro review: for hardcore gamers and prolific writers

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is currently the most expensive gaming keyboard out there. It features OmniPoint switches, that let you adjust the activation point of the switch however you like, and an OLED display, emphasizes its uniqueness, especially with programmable keys. They convinced us during testing and apart from the price this keyboard comes highly recommended.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate review: beast unleashed

The era of wired peripherals is slowly but definitely coming to an end! More and more devices rely on wireless technology that has performance on par with wired connectivity. It is, therefore, no surprise that Razer launched its most interesting gaming mouse, the Basilisk, in a wireless variant: we are talking about the new Razer Basilisk Ultimate, a product that is designed specifically for FPS players but that lends itself well to be also used on all sort of games.

Razer Viper Ultimate review: wireless perfection

The Logitech G Pro Wireless has been the best wireless FPS mouse for more than a year, but now Razer has launched a worthy competitor. The Razer Viper Ultimate is near perfect and is superior to the G Pro Wireless in many ways, but it is also much more expensive.