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Razer Basilisk Ultimate review: beast unleashed

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The Razer Basilisk Ultimate (Check on is the wireless evolution of what was undoubtedly one of the most interesting wired gaming mice of recent years, the Razer Basilisk (Check on It is a gaming mouse designed specifically for FPS titles (Overwatch, Battlefield, BioShock, Wolfenstein, Doom, Borderlands), but also capable of managing an avalanche of other types of games, thanks to its many innovative features and ergonomic design.

Its key features are Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless technology and Focus+ optical sensor capable of up to 20,000 DPI. With up to 100 hours of battery life, a charging dock, optomechanical switches and numerous buttons for added versatility, the Basilisk Ultimate seems to tick all the boxes.

This is the perfect candidate to compete with Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed (Check on for the title of best wireless gaming mouse and certainly one of the best gaming mice ever.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Design

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Design

The overall design of this Ultimate version is based on the previous (wired) model. Unlike what Razer did with the Viper (Check on and Viper Ultimate (Check on models, however, this time around Razer also made several small modifications to the device and was not content to simply add a wireless connection to it.

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The Basilisk Ultimate measures 130×60×42mm and weighs 107g. For reference Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed weighs 114g.

Speaking of the Logitech model, the new Basilisk Ultimate is definitely inspired by it and the two mice look a lot alike. Unlike the wired version, the Ultimate opts for much more straightforward and angular lines, while also using glossy plastic inserts.

The two main buttons left and right-click, use optomechanical switches rated for 70 million clicks! Their response time is instantaneous and they are not plagued from the notorious “bounce back” effect. However, compared to standard mechanical switches, these give a “muffled” tactile feedback.

Between the two buttons, we find a completely redesigned clickable scroll wheel that is very similar in touch and feel to the one we already saw on the latest version of the Razer Mamba. The wheel features RGB lighting and a textured coating and its resistance can be adjusted via a smaller wheel underneath the mouse.

The lowest setting is clearly though for office use and although the scrolling isn’t as free as Logitech’s disconnected mode, we find it a lot more accurate.

The second special feature of this wheel is that it comes with a left and right tilt thus gaining additional programmable shortcuts.

Behind the wheel, we can see two additional smaller buttons that change the DPI on the fly by default. As with all Razer mice, these buttons can also be reconfigured using the Razer Synapse software.

On the left side, there are two thumb buttons but the Basilisk gives you the possibility to add a trigger button in front of them. This is designed to act as a “sniper” button, but you can assign to it any action you like. The only problem is that it’s positioned further forward and will be difficult to reach for some.

Underneath the mouse, there are 6 PTFE feet that let the device glide effortlessly but are not as good as the ones on the G502 Lightspeed. Similar to the Viper Ultimate there is a compartment where you can store the USB dongle, a button for switching between the different profiles and the Power button.

There are also two connectors for charging the mouse using the charging dock. The dock features an RGB backlight strip and a USB port where you can insert the wireless dongle, instead of the PC, thus bringing it closer to the mouse.

Last but not least we have to talk about the grip. With its medium size and ergonomic design, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate is perfect for a Palm or Claw grip, both offering great comfort. The generous thumb rest (longer than the one on the G502 Lightspeed) is very practical and allows for better control and thus added precision. The side inserts have a slightly different coating than the ones on the wired model, offer an improved grip and are perfect for lifting and quickly repositioning the mouse.

Always located under the mouse, you can see a button that allows you to change your profile. In addition to the default profile, it is possible to switch to four other configurable profiles via Razer Synapse and indicated by a color LED still under the mouse. To stay in this area, you can see a switch to switch from wired to wireless. The use of wireless is via a USB dongle that can be connected directly to the machine or to the charging station of the mouse! To avoid losing it, the dongle has a reserved place under the mouse, protected by a flap!

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Features

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Features

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse works wirelessly over a 4GHz HyperSpeed connection. HyperSpeed technology is a technique that continuously scans WiFi frequencies and when it detects an interference switches channel thus always ensuring a fast and stable connection. This is how the Razer Basilisk Ultimate boasts a 25 percent faster wireless connectivity.

The response time is just 1ms, and we saw no difference between using this and its wired variant side by side. During our testing period, we never experimented with any disconnections or lags.

As for battery life, the Basilisk Ultimate promises up to 100 hours per charge. This is 20 hours more than the Viper Ultimate, and 30 hours more than the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Obviously, to achieve such levels of autonomy, you will have to turn off the lights.

The charging dock is a great addition. Simply drop the mouse on it whenever you are not using it and thus you will never run out of juice. However, many will prefer to opt for a mouse that can take advantage of a charging mat, like the Mamba HyperFlux or Logitech PowerPlay. We like both approaches so we can’t declare a clear winner here.

In order to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Basilisk Ultimate, you will have to install the Razer Synapse.

The first tab allows you to customize the buttons, create macros or set up secondary actions via the Razer HyperShift option.

The second tab allows you to adjust the sensitivity levels from 100 to 20,000 DPI. The calibration tab allows you to adjust the lift-off distance, with the possibility of an asymmetric configuration when lifting or repositioning the mouse. Another interesting technology that this sensor incorporates is Intelligent Tracking that allows it to adapt automatically to the type of surface the mouse is being used on, thus ensures instant tracking recovery!

Finally, we can also customize the illumination of both the mouse and the charging dock.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Performance

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Performance

The Basilisk Ultimate features the same optical sensor as the Viper Ultimate, called the Focus+. It is designed in collaboration with PixArt and offers a maximum sensitivity of 20,000 DPI and tracking speed up to 650 IPS. The polling rate stops at 1000Hz.

During gaming, the mouse was extremely comfortable and its many buttons grant it great versatility. It is indeed designed for FPS titles (sniper trigger) but it works well in any kind of game. Both the sensor and main buttons responded perfectly. The sensor is very accurate and precise and the mouse reacts instantly to our movements. The main buttons might feel mushy at first, but the clicks are lightning-fast and since there is no “bounce back” effect, subsequent clicks always register promptly.


This experiment was a major success. Razer managed to create the best mouse in the world when it decided to transition the Basilisk from wired to wireless! This new Ultimate version is aptly named and offers us a glimpse of what Razer has in store for the future.

This model is obviously a direct competitor to the Logitech G502 Lightspeed. It sports similar ergonomics, features, and performance. Deciding between the two will be very hard.

The Basilisk Ultimate has a better battery life (100 hours compared to 60 hours on the G502), a convenient charging dock and more durable optomechanical switches. The G502 Lightspeed is however compatible with PowerPlay.

For many, the deciding factor will be the price and here the G502 Lightspeed has the advantage of costing (Check on The Basilisk Ultimate, on the other hand, has an exorbitant price (Check on This price difference can tip the balance in favor of the Logitech device.

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For those looking for an alternative, the wired and essential models are still available for (Check on and (Check on respectively.

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