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Corsair M65 PRO RGB review

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Corsair, one of the companies that best managed to navigate the sea of opportunities granted by the growth of the gaming market, is in its “golden age” with a decidedly prolific production.

Today we will be reviewing the new M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse (Check on, which replaces all other existing models. The new version has the same design and a surprise under the hood. In fact, it comes equipped with the new 12,000 DPI optical sensor, but more on that later.

The use of aeronautical aluminum gives a lot of solidity to the structure while the “screw” weight-adjustment system grants a precise distribution of the mass.

Build quality is an important factor and the same goes for the installed OMRON switches (which have an estimated life of 20 million clicks) and the massive scroll wheel perfect for FPS games.

It sports eight programmable buttons including the Sniper Button, programmed by default to change the sensor’s resolution on the fly and thus allow for better accuracy.


Corsair M65 PRO RGB Design

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB stands out for two things: the materials used for the mouse’s shell and the customizable weight system.

Although the side panels are made of rigid plastic, the base and the unibody shell is made with an aluminum frame which guarantees greater durability over time and reduced overall weight.

Hidden underneath the mouse we found the innovative weight adjustment system, consisting of three chambers covered by three screws in which you can insert weights in order to calibrate and customize both the weight and the balance of the mouse depending on your style of play. You can even further reduce the weight by completely removing these screws.

On the mouses back we find three programmable buttons and a precision wheel designed specifically for FPS games, as well as the two main buttons.

On the left side there are two additional programmable buttons and the famous Sniper button in bright red also specifically designed for FPS games.

Corsair Utility Engine

Corsair M65 PRO RGB Corsair Utility Engine

The settings that are vital to the M65’s performance are grouped into the Profiles > Performance & DPI tab, and the Settings tab.

The updated optical sensor, now with a maximum resolution of 12,000 DPI, can be fine-tuned in steps of 100 DPI. Also, the lifting height menu allows you to edit the LOD (Lift-Off Distance) and let the mouse disable the sensor when raised thus preventing tracking while you reposition the mouse.

These customizations can be stored in the limited memory built into the mouse.

In the “Settings” tab we find the “set and forget” customizations, such as the polling rate (which we recommend setting at 1000MHz for maximum performance) and surface calibration.

The Corsair M65 PRO is also programmable with a wide variety of macros and functions but the built-in memory does not allow for button storing, which is why you will need to use the CUE.

Last but not least you can adjust the mouse’s RGB LEDs.


Corsair M65 PRO RGB Performance

The new M65 PRO RGB is a mouse suitable for Claw and Palm grips, depending on the user’s hand size, while a Fingertip grip is not entirely excluded, but certainly, the least indicated.

Having said that let us fire up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in order to really test this mouse.

The quality of the new optical sensor is amazing, with a precise acceleration free tracking, that is accurate through all DPI settings.

The scroll wheel also does an excellent job, is rather massive and precise, and offers a solid grip that ultimately responds well to our inputs.

The side buttons, with their particular slim shape, remain somewhat “difficult” to feel and find. The Sniper button for changing DPI on the fly, on the other hand, is perfectly placed and works wonders.


The Corsair M65 PRO RGB uses a better optical sensor, that combines with the already solid frame, the excellent wheel, and the innovative weight regulation system. For the price (Check on, this is the best FPS gaming mouse you can buy.

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