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Cycling Computers: how to choose the best for your bike

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The bike computer has become an indispensable tool for all those who like to go cycling both on city routes and on dirt roads. These state-of-the-art computers allow you to track different parameters, from speed to distance traveled, and some even have GPS support.

Garmin Edge 820 GPS

Garmin Edge 820 GPS


  • Can connect to a heart rate band
  • Can acts as a navigator thanks to the Garmin Cycle Map
  • Has an accident detection function, for maximum safety


  • Much higher price compared to more basic models that can still cover the needs of non-professionals
  • A bit slow when loading map data and calculating routes
  • It is not compatible with some smartphones, so check the list before you buy

The Garmin Edge 820 GPS (Check on is a top of the range cycling computer. Small and handy, not at all heavy, this bike computer comes with several features, all extremely useful when riding a bike for a prolonged period of time.

The map function, allows you to use a real sat nav, taking advantage of the device’s support for GPS. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the computer is able to send out your coordinates to a list of contacts, thus speeding up the rescue process.

Also appreciable is the possibility of connecting this device to a heart rate band. The band can better measure your exertion and therefore allows you to better adjust the intensity of your ride.

Finally, the possibility to connect the device to your smartphone, so that you can receive calls and notifications on the display in real-time.

iGPSport iGS20

iGPSport iGS20


  • Many features
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • It does not feature an accident detection function
  • The heart rate band is not included in the price and can be purchased separately
  • Some functions are a bit complicated to set up and more precise instructions would be useful

The iGPSport iGS20 is a bike computer with an affordable price and includes premium features compared to similarly priced models. The battery life is excellent, this is a device with an autonomy of 25 hours at full charge. It weighs about 59 grams, which is extremely handy. One of the best features is its Bluetooth connectivity. In a nutshell, this is a great bike computer, especially if you consider the price, in relation to all its features.

Polar V650

Polar V-650


  • Great for professional cyclists thanks to its many functions
  • Fast loading of map data and precise location detection via the integrated GPS
  • Possibility to select different routes, according to the type of terrain you want to travel on


  • It has a higher price because it is designed for professionals
  • Doesn’t have a huge autonomy when all its functions are on
  • There are problems some connection and syncing problems with some devices

The Polar V650 (Check on is a multi-function bike computer with a very simple and intuitive interface thanks to the touchscreen that makes it very easy to use the device.

You can view the map and your route and you can also store them so you can quickly select them next time you want to follow the same one. It is an intuitive and functional device, and although pricey it is within reach even for those who are not professional cyclists.

The V650 also allows you to monitor your body during the ride, thanks to the connection with the appropriate chest heart rate sensor, which is sold separately. Overall it is a reliable and long-lasting product. It is especially useful on longer routes and when you leave the city.


IGPSport IGS50e


  • Mid-range price
  • Compatible with Strava, the app used by runners and cyclists to track routes


  • Visually less beautiful than other touchscreen and color screen models
  • Some sensors are not included in the package but can be purchased separately, and the same goes for the compatible heart rate band
  • It doesn’t have an internal barometer

The iGPSport iGS50E (Check on is a multifunctional bike computer appreciated for its potential in relation to its price. This device has a streamlined and intuitive interface, with complete but basic black and white graphics and good visibility. The battery life is phenomenal since it can reach 40 hours of autonomy under normal conditions. It has a precise speed sensor and you can also connect it to the heart rate band and keep your heart rate under control. Overall a solid device.


In conclusion, if we had to choose between these bike computers we would buy the IGPSport IGS50E (Check on It is a solid performer with a fair price and can accommodate different types of users.

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