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Fitbit Charge HR review

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Fitbit, the world’s top smart bracelet brand is back with another “cult” product: the Charge HR (Check on



Within the tricky box of Charge Hr, you will find, in addition to the bracelet, the proprietary battery charger and an adapter for the computer.

Design and Fit

Design and Fit

This Fitbit Charge, contrary to the Surge, looks much more like its ancestor, the Flex. It is a rubberized bracelet that comes in four different colors with a small display. Putting it on is fairly simple and on the wrist is not bothersome and it adapts perfectly to the form. But it can cause some hindrance with the sleeves of your clothes.

The neat strap gets dirty very easily but it is also very easy to clean.


We have all the necessary sensors for the purpose of measuring our activity, but there is no GPS (which was present in the Surge). However, its hallmark is the fact that the heart rate sensor is always active and can also detect if you are wearing the bracelet or not. When we confronted it to similar products we found that the data is accurate. The display has no special features and is not touch-enabled. To scroll between time, steps, heartbeat, distance traveled, calories burned and ramps of stairs climbed, you have to use the physical button on the left side of the bracelet.

The charge HR is water-resistant, but the company advises against wearing it under the shower or going swimming.



To activate a workout session you have to hold down the button on the left side of the band.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. From within the app you can mainly review all the data (calories burned, steps, distance traveled and above all your heart rate) collected from the bracelet (which synchronizes when you launch the app). It is also possible to examine in more detail the various workout sessions carried out while wearing the HR. You can also keep track of your own nutrition plans, the amount of water you drunk and your weight. You can also set up an alarm. Lastly, the smart band will track your sleep patterns and automatically record them.


With a single charge, you will get about 5 days of battery life which is in line with what we have come to expect from this kind of product.


The Fitbit Charm HR is being sold for (Check on which is a fair amount if you consider the heart rate sensor.

Final Verdict

The Fitbit Charge HR is Flex’s worthy successor, solving some of its problems and introducing the heart rate sensor. It’s not very elegant or charming, but it gets the job done in part thanks to the excellent app.

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