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iLife A4s review

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From a quality/price ratio point of view, the iLife A4s (Check on robot vacuum cleaner is among the best available on the market. Unlike other similar products, in fact, it does not cost an arm and a leg, and it comes with numerous and interesting features. Let’s start with the main aspect which is its vacuum capacity. All in all, and considering the low price, there is absolutely no complaint about the iLife A4s vacuum prowess.

In fact, even if its suction power is not among the strongest, it is more than enough for daily cleaning. In our test, this little machine had a hard time picking up the biggest and heaviest of pieces, but for everything else, no problem. This household cleaning appliance has been designed to work on any type of floor, including parquet and carpet. We have tested it onto both and we had no problems.

More or less power

The iLife A4s vacuum cleaner has two suction modes. One standard for day-to-day cleaning capable of picking up most of the dust, pet hair and small crumbs, while the other, called MAX, is used for a deeper clean. It is best to use this mode on mats and carpets, for the best possible outcome.

Of course, if you activate this mode, battery life decreases, but in return the end result is great. The most common problem of cheap robotic vacuums is that they do not have room mapping, so they move randomly and sometimes leave entire floor areas “unwiped”. This is not the case for the iLife A4s. It does not have room mapping but its movements are not random at all. In fact, you can set up different patterns in order to achieve the best and more efficient cleaning. Also, not being very tall can easily pass under most furniture, for really complete cleaning.

An intelligent robot

The iLife A4s is an inexpensive product, but not a “stupid” one. Under the shell, it houses many proximity sensors, which restrict it from bumping into walls and furniture avoiding unnecessary damage. It also slaloms very well under the chairs, where other robots, of the same price range, are in obvious difficulty between their legs. When the battery is running out, it automatically returns to the charging dock, and the same does after every cleaning cycle.

The included accessories are nothing to write about, however, from a product so cheap, you could not expect much more. Virtual walls are not included in the package, but you can purchase them separately. All in all, it is an excellent product, with a very interesting price tag (Check on, and represents an excellent entry-level purchase for most households.

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