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iLife A6 review

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iLife, in the wake of the success of its budget robotic vacuum, the A4 (Check on, recently presented its evolution, the A6 model. The design has been renewed, the cyclonic system and the front brushes have been improved. Its cost (Check on is still very interesting, though a bit above the budget segment iLife still dominates. The most interesting modification proposed by the company for this new robot lies in the bristles on the brush, which have been completely replaced by a rubber accessory. They call it the “Blade away spiral blade”, a sort of spiral blade capable of capturing anything with greater power.

This is also done thanks to the new engine, which has also been updated. Of course, this makes us desire better performance not only on floors but also on carpet. Among the features of the new design, we have to point out the reduced height of the robot, which now sits under 10cm. Thanks to this feature, it will be even more capable to access and clean under the furniture.

What do we find in the package

When it comes to the price of a robot vacuum cleaner, you have to consider its accessories as well. In the package, we find a spare rubber brush, the one I was talking about earlier, the charging dock, the virtual wall, remote control, and batteries. The virtual wall is a pleasant addition since it was not present in the previous version.

As you should already know, the virtual wall is nothing more than an accessory that creates an invisible, but impassable wall for the robot, which you can place wherever you want. The battery offers the most range we have seen, up to now, in iLife robots. It can last up to 160 minutes and when the robot is low on power, it returns to the charging dock by itself.

Easy to use

As for the operations of this iLife A6 robot, they have not changed much compared to the previous model. As always, the A6 is an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, without too many bells and whistles. To start cleaning, just press the power button located on the robot or via the remote control, choose the cleaning mode and that’s it. Unlike much more expensive products, there is no Wi-Fi, the robot does not connect to your mobile phone and does not have room mapping, but remains a much smarter device, much more than the cheapest robotic vacuums you can find today on the shelves of major electronics stores.

The performance of the new iLife A6 (Check on is better than the A4, especially thanks to the more efficient brush and the more powerful motor. We don’t know why there is an extra rubber brush in the box, probably is subject to wear, but we hope we don’t have to replace it too often, but for now, it’s all we can hope for.

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