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iLife V3s review

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Until today, the price has been without a doubt the main factor for the limited adoption of robotic vacuums. Every time you enter a store to buy one, you never find anything under 300-400 dollars. For this reason, we believe that iLife can become a major player, its robots are budget, but not cheap. iLife’s robotic vacuums are small, efficient, but above all smart!

First of all, let’s see what’s really good about this iLife V3s (Check on The small robot is capable of cleaning floors, but also carpets, with long and short fringes and parquet. Unlike other cheap robots, this one effectively removes pet hair, which does not get caught in its brushes and risk damaging them. The height of the robot is not excessive, so it is able to easily clean under most furniture.

It’s got a remote control, too

If iLife wanted to impress us with their V3s model, they certainly did! Not only did they manage to make the most economical robotic vacuum on the market (among those really “smart”), but also the most complete one. It does not have room mapping but its programs are so many and such, that the robot will never leave dirty areas on the floor of the house. In addition, it is equipped with a convenient remote control, with which you can choose between different cleaning modes or send it directly to the charging dock. The robot, at the end of the task at hand, or when the battery is almost empty, return to the base autonomously.

Under the body, there are also many proximity sensors. These prevent the robot from falling down the stairs, or continuously bumping into the furniture or the walls. Finally, an interesting feature, it is an extremely quiet product, although it has a medium power suction level. This means that while it cleans up the house, you’ll be able to watch the TV without any annoying background noise.

Not all that glitters is gold

If our review ended here, at this price (Check on, we could announce iLife V3s as the best robotic vacuum in the world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Let’s start with the docking station. As mentioned above, the robot automatically searches for it, however, if it is in another room, the robot doesn’t necessarily get there very easily.

We should also state out that when it is stuck somewhere (which also happens to €500 models), it doesn’t emit any sound, and that’s a sure disadvantage. While we continue with our life thinking that it is cleaning up somewhere, sometimes we might find it stuck. However, even in the face of these small flaws, we still choose to recommend this product to all those who want a cleaning companion without spending an arm and a leg.

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