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Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB review: the perfect gaming keyboard?

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Those of you who are a few years older than the rest will have realized that the old IBM keyboards were infinitely better and more resilient than today’s ones. In fact, many are still functioning. How come? Because they were mechanical keyboards and not cheap membrane ones. That’s why, a few years ago, companies began manufacturing them again. Especially thanks to the boom of PC gaming.

Mechanical keyboards cost 10 times more than normal keyboards. But if you take care of them, they can last a lifetime, so you will be better off in the long run. They are more comfortable and, what matters most to gamers, their accuracy is spot on.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Split Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Split Keyboard

A Split keyboard can be divided into two parts, and this feature is especially appreciated by gamers. Most of the time you will find yourself controlling your character via the WASD keys and look and shoot with the mouse. So you only use half a keyboard!

The keyboard’s body and keys are made of robust ABS plastic, which is very durable. It also sports elegant silver steel highlights. Its general appearance is very sober and “business-like”. It doesn’t look like your typical gaming peripheral with aggressive shapes and flashy colors and that’s because the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is much more than a gaming keyboard.

It has a classical 75% layout, but in addition, it is equipped with 8 dedicated macro keys located on the left. All keys are individually backlit with RGB LEDs.

The Freestyle Edge RGB also lets you program and store up to 9 different layouts. This is essential in order to customize the keyboard for each game.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Cherry MX switches

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – Cherry MX switches

You can choose between Cherry MX Red, Blue or Brown switches. If you are no expert: blue switches are ideal for typing but have a loud click. Gamers will want the Red ones since they require the least amount of pressure and are rather fast. And finally, Brown switches are the middle ground between the two opposites so a good choice both for typing and also a gaming.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB also incorporates NKRO technology for 100% anti-ghosting.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – More than a gaming keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than membrane ones. An innovative and premium model such as the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB boasts a hefty price tag of (Check on And if you also want the Lift Kit (which we absolutely recommend) you’ll have to dis out (Check on more.

Although designed with the needs of the gaming community in mind, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB has excellent features that are well suited for professional use.

All in all this ergonomic keyboard is the perfect choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer and suffers from or wants to prevent RSI (repetitive stress injury).

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