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The Logitech F310’s (Check on Amazon.com) resemblance to a PlayStation controller makes it a familiar accessory to the vast majority of gamers. The button placement is basically the same, which dramatically reduces the learning curve.

The grip also turns out to be the same as the DualShock, but the Logitech model tends to be more compact and therefore more comfortable (at least for me).

The D-pad although nonexceptional is very sensitive and very accurate. In addition, its surface has a finish that favors handling in fighting games, which I love.

Its analog sticks have a semi-rubberized surface, which makes them more comfortable for longer use.

And… I almost forgot the Logitech logo features a configurable hidden button!

Another feature of the Logitech F310 Gamepad is its little switch that changes the input mode of games:

  • XInput (X) is compatible with most Windows games and works natively with most modern games.
  • DirectInput (D) enables the most basic functionality so that you can completely customize the buttons and directional controls. It is highly recommended that you install the specific software provided by Logitech for proper use of this second mode.

The Logitech F310 Gamepad is compatible with Windows, and its primary purpose is to work well with games on that operating system.

Overall, the Logitech F310 Gamepad is a must. It is a product with a number of features and functionality that add value to the accessory. It has good ergonomics, good quality materials, good cable length of 1.80m for greater versatility and a price that delivers excellent value for money (Check on Amazon.com).

It can be a great choice for casual gamers or as a backup.

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