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Logitech G Pro Keyboard review: eSport champion

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Logitech has been offering solutions for the gaming world for some time now, and their latest proposal is the Logitech G Pro Keyboard (Check on Its tenkeyless configuration eliminates the numeric keypad for a more compact peripheral and its high-speed Romer-G switches have a slight advantage in competitive games.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – 7.8ms can be crucial

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – 7.8ms can be crucial

Many gamers seem to prefer tenkeyless keyboards because they are more compact and do not take up so much table real estate – something that is important when players place their keyboards at somewhat odd angles to get the most comfortable position for a quicker reaction. Its size also makes it ideal for easy transport to LAN Parties and competitions (albeit it doesn’t come with a travel case).

Logitech used its Romer-G switches (45 grams actuation force, 5ms response time), which are optimized for speed. Logitech explains that when we press a key on a conventional keyboard, the action can be slowed down by the rebound effect. This keyboard eliminates the rebound through a microcontroller that according to Logitech allows for more actions to register correctly, resulting in more keystrokes per second.

This can be crucial for competitive games that make use of “tick” rates. “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, for example, uses 128 tick servers, which means that input is measured at intervals of 128 ticks per second, therefore every 7.8ms.

Obviously there are other factors that influence all this (internet connection, your own reaction time), but this type of benefit can be very interesting for gamers who want to take advantage of every single minutia.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Design and ergonomics

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Design and ergonomics

In recent months, more and more manufacturers are moving towards models that are simpler, more compact and more efficient.

Measuring 360×150×34mm, the Logitech G Pro Keyboard is not the most compact keyboard around. In terms of construction, Logitech opts for a completely plastic design. It is however very robust and should be able to resist some “rage”. It weighs 980g, without its cable, which is detachable.

The keys have a classic design that is more robust and durable. The key-caps have a slight curvature and perfectly accommodate the fingers when typing. They also seem to be covered with a very thin soft-touch coating that provides a nice feel to the touch.

The two additional buttons are the Game Mode and the lighting key. The multimedia controls are embedded in the F9 to F12 keys while the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys can be used to adjust the volume.

This keyboard also comes with a removable cable which is really handy when it comes to moving your keyboard from one competition to another. It is a braided cable, quite thin and flexible, with a length of 1.8m.

Last and certainly least the RGB backlight that is fully customizable, although not as stunning as some competing models.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Software

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Software

The Logitech G Pro keyboard is compatible with Logitech’s Gaming Software. The app will allow you to adjust the controls of certain keys, create different profiles and play with the backlight options.

It lets you assign macros to the F row of keys. We would have liked the freedom to change the mapping of all the keys on the keyboard but you can’t have everything in life.

For competitive gamers, it lets you save your custom lighting profile directly on the keyboard and that allows you to have it with you on tournaments since most of them forbid you from installing software on the computers.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Performance

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Performance

Like the G810 Orion Spectrum (Check on, the G Pro features Logitech’s mechanical switches, called Romer-G. The typing feels very similar to Cherry MX Browns, although not identical.

With a durability of 70 million keystrokes, an actuation point of 1.5mm and an actuation force of 45g, these switches offer an excellent compromise between accuracy and responsiveness while being quieter than MX Brown switches.

On paper, they are also faster than Cherry MX, however, 99% of gamers (even competitive ones) will not be able to tell the difference.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard – Verdict

If you’re looking for a competitive gaming keyboard the Logitech G Pro (Check on must be on your list. It is compact, robust, and responsive, offers excellent performance, and very good comfort.

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Obviously, the absence of the numeric keypad or dedicated multimedia keys will be a dealbreaker for users looking for a more complete and versatile model. In this case, we recommend you buy a more conventional keyboard, such as the Logitech G810 or Corsair K70 RapidFire (Check on

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