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Logitech K480: one for all

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At the end of 2014, Logitech presented the K480 Multi-Device Keyboard (Check on, a wireless keyboard compatible with all portable devices (Android or iOS) in addition to Windows or Mac computers.

Logitech K480 – Design

Logitech K480 – Design

The Logitech K480 is 299mm wide, 195mm long and 20mm high. Its dimensions are identical to a conventional 15-inch laptop keyboard. What most attracted our attention was its weight, a solid 820 grams. The K480 is a fairly heavy keyboard, probably heavier than both your smartphone or tablet you are going to use it with. This weight is a necessary evil since this keyboard must be able to accommodate any device without tumbling over. We were also positively surprised by the fact that the K480 does not suffer any type of vibrations or movement while typing on it.

Logitech doesn’t indicate the maximum size of a supported mobile device but we were able to test it with a 263.2mm wide and 9.8mm thick tablet in a horizontal position. In addition, it supported the same tablet, positioned vertically, next to a smartphone (for a combined weight of 700+ grams), and the K480 didn’t even budge.

Logitech K480 – Features

Logitech K480 – Features

The Logitech K480 is a keyboard that builds on the brands accumulated experience and condenses it all into what is the best multi-device keyboard ever made (as long as you don’t need it to be portable since this model is designed specifically for desk use).

Overall it is a rather comfortable and precise keyboard. The stand is also quite large, although we would have preferred it a little deeper, to give us a greater sense of security when our mobile devices are in portrait mode. In any case, we have never encountered any particular problems with it, neither with smartphones nor with tablets of different sizes and brands.

If you do not need the smartphone/tablet stand, but still want a multi-device keyboard, your best alternative to the Logitech K480 is the old K380 (Check on

Logitech K480 – Performance

Logitech K480 – Performance

The fact that the keys have a rounded shape can convey the feeling that they are difficult to type on. The keys have a fairly fluid movement and a really fast rebound that facilitates text input at high speeds. The Logitech K480 also incorporates a multitude of keys with primary and secondary functions compatible with all devices.

The only drawback we have to mention is that the keys are somewhat noisy, at least if we compare it to conventional keyboards.

Logitech K480 – Multitasking

Logitech K480 – Multitasking

The other advantage of the Logitech K480 is its wheel. You can pair this keyboard with up to three different devices and switch between them by turning the wheel. It’s that simple.

The K480 supports Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Chrome OS, Android (3.2 and above) and iOS.

Logitech K480 – Autonomy

The Logitech K480 is powered by two AAA batteries (included). Logitech promises up to two years of autonomy (based on an estimate of two million keystrokes per year). In any case, on the back of the keyboard, there is an LED that should notify you via a flashing light when it is necessary to change them.

Logitech K480 – Verdict

This is the most versatile keyboard we have ever used. It allows you to type on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, offers a solid stand for your mobile devices, and the possibility of jumping between them on the fly with the use of the wheel. I am not completely convinced to recommend it for daily use in the office [for someone spending 8 hours writing text we recommend a solid professional and “conventional” keyboard, like the Das Keyboard Prime 13 (Check on Amazon)], but for the rest, the Logitech K480 (Check on is probably the best alternative.

The support for smartphones and tablets, the connection with up to three devices simultaneously and the acceptable size and key quality are the true strengths of this Logitech K480.

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