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Logitech M570 review: the trackball redefined

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Every peripheral is designed for a specific use. Trackball mice have seemingly gone extinct, but for many users, they not only are the most pleasant way to interact with a computer but sometimes the only possible way to do it.

Logitech M570 – Proved ergonomics

Logitech M570 – Proved ergonomics

Trackball mice have been on the market since the 90s, and are still very successful. Their ergonomics have been improved over the years to offer a product that is very comfortable to use.

The Logitech M570 (Check on uses a blue ball that you move using your thumb. The mouse itself stays still. It takes a few days to get used to moving the ball and master the precise thumb movements required for this type of device, but once there this is an extremely comfortable device.

The device is also quite wide. This allows for your palm to lay comfortable over the device and it is suitable for all hand sizes.

The build quality is also high end. The materials used are very pleasant to the touch and the buttons are perfectly integrated into the design.

Logitech M570 – Design

Logitech M570 – Design

The Logitech M570 mouse is compatible with all computers, and all operating systems. It connects via a USB “Unifying” dongle, which can accommodate all Logitech devices using this technology and therefore takes up only a single USB port.

The mouse has 4 buttons and a classic click wheel. The right and left clicks are of good quality and very responsive, with a good rebound but without being overly sensitive. Click perfection.

The wheel is slightly notched to scroll more accurately. It has a rubbery finish, very pleasant to the touch. Next to the left click, we find the two “side” buttons, Forward or Back. These two buttons are also programmable using Logitech’s companion software.

Logitech M570 – Performance

Logitech M570 – Performance

At first, you will think that the trackball is highly imprecise and you just wasted your money. Bare with it though and after a day or two you will find out that your thumb has adapted to the new situation and this mouse is as good as they can get. A piece of solid advice I got was to reverse the vertical axis of the trackball; the learning curve will be less steep this way.

From that point forward you will find that using it has become second nature and some users swear that they are more precise with it than with traditional mice. It makes sense if you think about it, the thumb is more accurate than the entire hand.

Logitech M570 – Working with a trackball

Logitech M570 – Working with a trackball

The Logitech M570 is the ideal peripheral for productivity since it reduces physical stress and improves comfort at the same time. It can prevent many types of wrist injury or pain caused by constantly straining your hand.

What is most appreciated, is that by having a device that is always fixed in the same position improves comfort and relaxation while working on the computer.

Logitech M570 – Verdict

After a “traumatic” start, the experience has reversed completely, the pain in my wrist, shoulder, and elbow has practically disappeared. The thumb is clearly the part that now strives the most but it can handle it.

Be aware this is not a mouse for everyone and it’s clearly not a gaming mouse, its 800 DPI setting is really low compared to other mice. It took me 2 days to get used to the strange feeling of having to move just my thumb, but believe me it was worth it. Personally, I will keep using the Logitech M570 (Check on for productivity and as a couch mouse and I advise everyone to try a trackball at least once in their life.

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