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Nest Cam IQ review

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We have already reviewed Nest’s basic camera options. Today we’re back to talk and to find out what’s new and interesting about this Nest Cam IQ. We also suggest that you read the review of the old model, as we will only mention the basic functions.

The design is now more reminiscent of the outdoor version of the old Nest Cam, with a white articulated “head”. On the back there is a large speaker. In the center we can see the sensor, while at the top there is a small LED that lights up green when the camera is recording. A ring will light green to signal that someone is watching, while it will turn blue if voice communication is in progress. You can also use this camera to talk and listen. In the future, it will also be possible to have a two-way communication in real time and not in walkie-talkie mode.

Nest Cam IQ is a smart surveillance camera controlled by smartphone via the dedicated app. The concept is to be able to monitor what is going on in our home and receive notifications in the event of movement detection. IQ’s greatest novelty the upgrade to a sensor capable of 4K video may seem superfluous. In fact, the video stream between the camera and the smart device will still be in Full HD resolution, but in case of movement the image on the moving subject can be enlarged without loss of quality, taking advantage of the higher resolution of the sensor.

Alerts on your device are punctual and will arrive the moment movement is detected. There is also night-view, which now produces clearer images. The new sensor also allows you to record HDR video and partially solves some problems related to the camera’s position towards a source of light, like a window.

Among the new features there is also face recognition for the members of the family: after a “training” period Nest Cam IQ will be able to distinguish between family members and strangers and will not trigger a notification when they get home.

Streaming is always smooth and the bandwidth automatically adjusts according to the speed of your network and if you want you can tweak this setting through the app. However, the user experience differs radically based on whether or not Nest Aware is active. This is the Nest subscription service that allows you to have at least 10 days of backup. In addition to this, you can also download the footage or make a time lapse video. Finally, you will have the option to render only one area of the shot “sensible” to movement which is convenient if there are pets that roam the room on a regular basis.

You don’t need a Nest Aware subscription to program the camera’s activation or to enable it based on the presence of persons inside the house. Same goes for notifications that can be turned on or off.

If Nest Cam wasn’t one of the best surveillance cameras around, it certainly is now. However, the price is steep.

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