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OnePlus 7T Pro review: the fourth 2019 model is also the best

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Gone are the times when OnePlus released a single model each year. For some time now the company has scheduled two releases each year, with the basic model and a ‘T’ version. Last May the company surprised us once again with the launch of the OnePlus 7 (Check on and OnePlus 7 Pro (Check on We thought that the Pro version was there to substitute the “T” model of previous years but little did we know. OnePlus doubled down I 2019 and launched another two devices the OnePlus 7T (Check on and the OnePlus 7T Pro (Check on!

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But, what is the difference between the OnePlus 7T Pro and the “basic” OnePlus 7T? And between the OnePlus 7T Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro? Yeah, it’s all pretty confusing, but let’s try to clarify it as well as we can.

The OnePlus 7T Pro is the most advanced and recent model of the brand, the non plus ultra device of its catalog. However, it sports quite a lot of similarities with the other models. Compared to the OnePlus 7T, it has a larger screen and a higher resolution, the telephoto lens has an optical stabilizer, a larger battery and an all-screen design (the OnePlus 7T has a notch) with the implementation of a motorized pop-up selfie camera.

If we compare it to the OnePlus 7 Pro, we find even fewer differences. We have the same design, the same screen, and the same camera system. It also has the same 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display. The changes are rather subtle, such as the materials used on the screen that, according to OnePlus, reduce the emission of blue light by 40% and raise the brightness to 1,000 nits, and the camera’s super macro mode.

There are other minor changes such as improved fast charging, that is 23% faster, and the in-display fingerprint reader which is also faster and more accurate thanks to the new algorithm. The processor is also updated to the latest and greatest Snapdragon 855+, which is only marginally faster than the original Snapdragon 855.

OnePlus 7T Pro – Design

OnePlus 7T Pro – Design

As we have already said the OnePlus 7T Pro shares its design with the previous model. It has a back made of glass with a matte finish that helps battle the smudges and fingerprints, but it is also slippery. One solution is to use the transparent silicone case that comes in the box, which also helps minimize the ‘bump’ of the rear camera.

The OnePlus 7T Pro is a big and somewhat heavy phone, which makes one-handed handling a bit complicated. It sports a huge 6.67-inch panel that offers a great visual experience. It is also an all-screen phone. To achieve this, OnePlus hid the front camera in a pop-up module that automatically appears when we activate the selfie camera, and after that quickly disappears.

OnePlus 7T Pro – Performance

OnePlus 7T Pro – Performance

We cannot say enough of this screen which is absolutely gorgeous. We have a 6.67 inch Fluid AMOLED panel with a QHD+ resolution and HDR10+ support. What makes it special is its 90Hz refresh rate: scrolling the interface, watching the animations and playing games… everything moves very quickly. It is possible to adjust the refresh rate to 60Hz in order to get more autonomy, but then why even bother with this phone.

Obviously, the processor also plays a key role in this phones’ fluidity. The OnePlus 7T Pro uses a Snapdragon 855+, an overclocked version of the original model, and is accompanied by 8GB of RAM. This combination translates to a very fast performance in everyday tasks and no lag or slowdowns when playing intensive games.

The overall fluidity of this device doesn’t stop with the interface; the in-display fingerprint reader is also quite good. It’s not as fast as a traditional capacitive scanner (none of this kind is), but it is fast and precise even when the finger is a little tilted. There is also face recognition, although the pop-up camera makes it a bit cumbersome.

OnePlus 7T Pro – Autonomy

The 4.085mAh battery is slightly larger than that on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The autonomy is good, but not remarkable. It will last you for about 30 hours with 5 hours of screen time.

What is absolutely bonkers is this device’s fast charging technology. OnePlus stated that the 7T Pro charges 23% faster than the previous model. In our tests, the previous model went from 0 to 100% in 1 hour and 20 minutes while the OnePlus 7T Pro did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Yes, it is faster but it doesn’t make a huge difference.

OnePlus 7T Pro – Camera

OnePlus 7T Pro – Camera

As I said before the OnePlus 7T Pro has the same cameras as the 7 Pro is, with the only difference being the inclusion of the new Macro mode.

In good lighting conditions, the OnePlus 7T Pro really shines and achieves a great level of detail, including complex textures such as a tree trunk. The dynamic range is also good and color reproduction is accurate.

In Night mode the details become scarce, but with a little patience, you can still get images with great sharpness, even while you zoom in.

The portrait mode is quite good when it works; in fact, if you get too close to the subject, the bokeh effect won’t work. At night, the image quality drops dramatically and it is very difficult to get a decent portrait shot.

The new Super macro mode is the only novelty of the camera. It has to be activated manually and allows you to focus on an object at a distance of just 2.5 centimeters. The results are spectacular.

OnePlus 7T Pro – Verdict

Reviewing the OnePlus 7T Pro (Check on seemed like a déjà vu of the 7 Pro review. The differences are minimal and none of them changes the overall experience. There are minor improvements in power, screen brightness, fast charging, and the super macro mode, but they do not impact everyday use. At least for me.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was already one of the best phones of the year and the new ‘T’ variant even more so. Its screen is one of the best we have ever used, it sports a beautiful “all-screen” design, it is very powerful and the cameras are versatile. There are no surprises here, for better or worse.

It seems that OnePlus decided that it wants a larger slice of the mobile phone market and if that means launching four devices each year, then so be it.

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