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SJCAM SJ5000x review

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In the segment of cheap action cams, the SJCAM is certainly one of the most famous brands, and this SJ5000x (Check on, is its best model.



The package is really rich and by itself more than justifies the price of the products. The most important accessories are the underwater case, protective case with mic aperture, various clip-on and a bike stand. The only thing that really misses is the classic suction cup stand.



The SJ5000x does not have a particularly researched design (it looks like every other Action Cam) and even from a build quality standpoint, there is nothing special to mention. The camera is made of plastic, softer on the front and rougher on the sides and back. In hand, it is compact and convenient to carry around. All the physical buttons give very good feedback. We have a power button in the front, the camera button on top, and the navigation and Wi-Fi buttons on the side.



In terms of features, this SJ5000x is hard to beat. We can record videos, take photos, shoot timelapse videos or snap a photo every x seconds. There is also a slow-motion mode, a burst mode and an underwater one. You can use the physical buttons on the side to easily navigate the various menus. For video the most important shooting options are:

  • Resolution: 4K (24 fps), 2K (30 fps), 1080p (60 or 30 fps), 720p (120, 60 or 30 fps), VGA (240 fps)
  • Loop: on/off
  • Field of view: 70°, 110°, 140° and 170°
  • Wide Dynamic range: on/off
  • Digital stabilization: on/off
  • File format: mp4 or mov
  • Bitrate: 3 settings

In terms of resolution and video quality, we need to specify how the 4K video is in fact interpolated from a 2K source since this is the native resolution. In any case, video quality is good. There are many details and the video is smooth. However, it doesn’t manage strong light sources well enough, and on sunny days you will probably experience a burning sky effect, but overall the image is enjoyable. Good sound quality also, that avoids being particularly twitchy even at high volume.

Handy the ability to shoot depending on motion detection or to use the SJ5000x as a dashcam. Photos have a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels and there is also the possibility to shoot in RAW format.



The non-touchscreen display is 2 inches big. It is of good quality and allows you to easily navigate between the menus or to preview the video. The display is high consuming, so watch out.


We haven’t been able to connect to the device, and searching online we found out that we’re not the only ones with this kind of problem.


The removable 900mAh battery guarantees a life of about 45 minutes of continuous video recording. It’s not much, but enough for standard use.


The SJ5000x is sold for (Check on, which makes it a really interesting alternative.

Final Verdict

The SJCAM SJ5000x is an interesting product, with more than good video quality, and a clear interface that allows you for easy access to all the different features. If you consider its price, and the accessories it comes bundled with, it is easy to consider buying.

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