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iLife A6

Robotic vacuums: a guide to choose the best

Lately, this technologically advanced product is spreading more and more for really valid reasons. The reference is to robotic vacuums, which, as the name implies, are automated vacuum cleaners that do virtually all the work on their own. There are many types of robotic vacuum cleaners; some are programmable, others have a remote control, some can even do stairs, but all have the common task of cleaning the house instead of us.

iLife A6 review

iLife, in the wake of the success of its budget robotic vacuum, the A4, recently presented its evolution, the A6 model. The design has been renewed, the cyclonic system and the front brushes have been improved. Its cost is still very interesting, though a bit above the budget segment iLife still dominates. The most interesting modification proposed by the company for this new robot lies in the bristles on the brush, which have been completely replaced by a rubber accessory. They call it the “Blade away spiral blade”, a sort of spiral blade capable of capturing anything with greater power.