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Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Best wireless mouse 2023 [January]

Any wireless mouse can help you keep your desk tidy, with no messy cables getting in the way, but only the best wireless mouse will also be able to track properly, feel just right in your hand and help you get your job done or game without any problems.

Best gaming mouse 2023 [January]

As a gamer, you decided to trash your old mouse and replace it with a gaming one? Great decision, a gaming mouse can offer you performance and functionalities that your traditional mouse never could. And who said that in order to buy one of the best gaming mice you had to spend an arm and a leg?

Razer Basilisk Ultimate review: beast unleashed

The era of wired peripherals is slowly but definitely coming to an end! More and more devices rely on wireless technology that has performance on par with wired connectivity. It is, therefore, no surprise that Razer launched its most interesting gaming mouse, the Basilisk, in a wireless variant: we are talking about the new Razer Basilisk Ultimate, a product that is designed specifically for FPS players but that lends itself well to be also used on all sort of games.