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The best USB Type-C Hub for any use

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You can do any research on Amazon and you will find dozens of different Type-C hubs, each with its own peculiarities but under $50 you will hardly find any product that is complete, compatible and, also beautiful. Thankfully, our research and curiosity led us to buy this VAVA, a less known brand but that has proven itself very good.

As a reference for this review, I have always considered the SATECHI, a best buy in this category. However, the price is high: and if the well-known brand sells for (Check on, the VAVA costs just (Check on

In the last month and a half that I have tested the device, the VAVA has accompanied me on many trips and was used in tandem with the latest 2-in-1 laptops, smartphones, and Mac Book Pro, as well as my Windows desktop PC where I work most of the time.

And despite all these devices we have tested it with, the VAVA e hasn’t had a problem once. It can power up a Mac Book Pro thanks to its power of 100W, it can handle 4K video streams, has no difficulty connected to a Thunderbolt port and it works perfectly even with a standard Type-C port.

Testing it with a 2-in-1 tablet and various smartphones show the adaptability of this USB Hub and there are four things that have astounded me in a good way:

  • quality construction: on par with a Satechi
  • LAN port speed: true 1Gbit tested in real-world scenarios
  • LAN port that does not increase the thickness of the product thanks to the opening mechanism
  • no disconnection from any port even while moving the hub

As of writing, with 8 devices connected simultaneously, I have never had a problem.

Has it got any flaws?

Has it got any flaws

The only thing I can tell you is that connected to a Mac Book Pro 15 2018 model with a USB stick, a USB keyboard dongle, a 4K 34 inch Monitor and an SD card, if I also connect the MAC power brick in order to recharge the laptop, the HUB will get hot. You can hold it in your hand if you want, but you can feel that it warms up.

It doesn’t surprise me since this is the most stressful situation that this Hub can face since the Mac Book Pro 15 takes advantage of all the 100W of the Thunderbolt port.

In other words, if you need a USB TYPE-C HUB, get this VAVA USB C Hub 8-in-1 (Check on no questions asked.

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