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Tronsmart Element T2 review

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We all need Bluetooth speakers that are suitable for all conditions. In this regard, this Tronsmart Element T2 (Check on is designed for outdoor life: but let’s discover in detail what this portable speaker has to offer!



The Tronsmart Element T2 stands out immediately because it is solid and sturdy: the body is rubber-coated, making it shock resistant. In addition, it is water-resistant (IPX56 certification, so do not submerge it in water) and on the side, there is a flap that protects the audio jack, the micro-USB port, and the microSD card, reader.

On the top, we find five buttons: On/Off, volume and track change, Play/Pause, Bluetooth pairing and answer calls. In addition, there are also two small LEDs, and a hook to append the speaker. Inside the package, in fact, in addition to the audio and USB to micro-USB cable, we also find a lanyard and a carabiner.

Features and audio quality

This is not an audiophile speaker, but for the size, it sounds really good. Inside we find two 3.5W speakers, with good bass and very high volume compared to similar devices. As predictable, at maximum volume, the sound is a bit distorted, but at a moderate volume the sound quality is more than acceptable.

Overall, the Tronsmart Element T2 amazed me with its discreet balance between mids and highs and surprisingly powerful bass, even if not all that clear.

The 1900mAh battery promises up to 12 hours of uninterrupted playback: in our test, it lasted 10 hours, which still is a more than decent result.

This speaker also has a microphone for answering calls and supports three different inputs: Bluetooth 4.2, audio jack and microSD card.

Finally, one of the main strengths of this speaker is the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, which allows you to pair two Tronsmart Element T2s with each other to achieve stereo playback.


The Tronsmart Element T2 costs (Check on, which is a very honest price for a water-resistant speaker with above-average audio quality.

Final Verdict

The Tronsmart Element T2 is definitely a great product, one of the best Bluetooth speakers in its price range: among its advantages we highlight its resistance to water, support for TWS technology, good sound quality, and excellent autonomy.

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