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Tronsmart Element T4 review

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In the panorama of Bluetooth speakers, there is a name that is trying to carve out a slice of the market, trying to stand out for its quality/price ratio: we are talking about Tronsmart.

Build quality

Build quality

Despite being a decidedly economical speaker, the construction is quite good: the device is solid and well made, with a metal front and back and a rubberized band that houses the inputs and buttons.

The main feature of this speaker is its IP67 certification, meaning it can be used in the shower.

On the right side, there are three buttons (Power and Volume+/-); on the bottom, we find a rubber flap that protects the MicroUSB port for charging and the MicroSD slot.

Finally, at the top, there is a hole to attach a carabiner (included in the package) letting you hook the Tronsmart Element T4 to a backpack (or append it somewhere).

Features and audio quality

Features and audio quality

In principle, Tronsmart speakers are products that have a decent sound quality considering the price at which they are sold. In this case, surely the sound quality is not the main reason for buying this speaker.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that the speaker sounds bad: it can be great for casual listening like in the shower or for listening to music during a walk in the park, but it is not meant for audiophile-grade listening.

Keeping this in mind, we can say that it can get really loud, for its size, although at max volume it sounds rather “dirty” and you feel a rustle in the background. The bass is pumped to the maximum, and it’s funny to see the water splash around from the vibrations generated by the passive subwoofer.

On the other hand, you can not ignore the size of this speaker (9.7×8.6×3.8cm): in short, it is obvious that it is a great speaker to bring with you everywhere you go including the pool or the beach.

Speaking of features we have to praise the presence of a MicroSD slot.

Finally, we have to point out two small quirks: the power button does not function as a Play/Pause key when using Spotify on Android devices. Searching online for a solution, we found out that this also happens with other speakers and headphones, but is limited to the Spotify App.

Furthermore, holding down the Volume+ button you jump to the previous track (and not the next one, as you would expect) and, conversely, holding down the Volume- key jumps to the next song.


The Tronsmart Element T4 costs, a very competitive price for a waterproof speaker with a microSD slot.

Final Verdict

The Tronsmart Element T4 is a waterproof speaker ideal for appending in the shower or attaching to a backpack during a trip. The IP67 certification and affordable price make it a perfect speaker to always take with you without worrying much about sound quality.

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