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UE Wonderboom Review

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The Wonderboom (Check on is the ultimate UE portable Bluetooth speaker. It is designed for buyers looking for a compact device that can be used on any occasion, from a day in the park to a day at the beach.

With a really high volume, this Wonderboom is very popular online, also thanks to its almost indestructible design and low price. It is hard to find a compact device with a better price/performance ratio.


  • EU Wonderboom
  • A USB cable for charging

Design and build quality

Design and build quality

The Wonderboom is a small pebble-shaped diffuser and looks like a slightly crushed version of the UE Boom 2, the flagship product of the company. It has the same soft rubber finish on the bottom and top, and a meshed grid that circles around the entire device. Large volume buttons are located as usual on the front and anther three physical buttons sit at the top of the speaker.

The central button is mainly used for Bluetooth pairing, but it can also, in theory, be used to play, pause and skip tracks with varying degrees of pressure. I generally ignore it in favor of the smartphone controls. A sturdy hook made out of fabric comes out from the top of the device.

The design may seem simple but fortunately, this UE Wonderboom comes in many colors, some really interesting ones.

The speaker is also quite robust. It is IPX7 certified, which means it can survive immersion up to 1 meter (3.28ft) deep for 30 minutes. It’s actually really hard to immerse it as the Wonderboom floats.

I found myself using it as a speaker in my bathroom almost daily during the morning shower. I can also imagine it will be great for backpackers looking for a lightweight speaker that can be safely used on the outside, although I personally hate people who play music in public places.

The speaker also has a declared autonomy of 10 hours, which I have actually verified. The Wonderboom has consistently managed to last a standard working day from 9 to 17 with a maximum volume of about 75% and with some battery life remaining.



The UE Boom range is famous for two things: the loud volume and the powerful bass. Both of these features are present on the Wonderboom.

Two 40mm active drivers and two 46x65mm passive radiators are able to reach devilish high volumes and offer a solid 360 degrees sound projection. Make no mistake, this speaker is more than able to “cover” most living rooms and gardens.

For those who want to use the speaker during a party, more Wonderboom devices can be combined together.

The bass levels are solid and powerful. Even the highs are well managed. All in all, the sound quality is roughly in line with what you would expect from a (Check on Bluetooth speaker of excellent workmanship.

This, however, does not mean that it is perfect. The medium-range lacks detail and generally feels less present than the highs and lows. With some genres this can lead to a fairly flat or unbalanced sound.

This is not an unusual problem for Bluetooth speakers and here it is not as pronounced as it is on competing, more expensive units. It is also quite forgivable considering the selling price.


If you are looking for a convenient Bluetooth speaker, the Wonderboom is one of the best options available today. It is incredibly powerful and features an almost indestructible waterproof frame that allows it to survive everything from accidental bumps and scratches to a dunk in the pool.

Add to this a 10-hour battery life and the Wonderboom (Check on gains its place as one of our most highly recommended portable speakers.

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