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Xiaomi Mi Airdots review: good audio but with some drawbacks

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Definitely inspired by Apple’s Airpods, these Xiaomi Mi Airdots (Check on want to become their budget alternative but have obvious design and hardware differences.



The good news is that these earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, a must-have feature that allows for more stable connectivity and less battery consumption. However, at a practical level, these Xiaomi Mi Airdots have a serious pairing problem when used in Mono (i.e. only one earbud) for a long time. In fact, the two buds tend to disconnect with each other and reconnecting them is anything but easy!

They are very small: each bud measures less than an inch and attaching them to the ear is not as difficult as it may seem, but if you have particularly small ears, we do not recommend the purchase since they won’t fit securely into them.

The integrated 40mAh battery guarantees about 4-5 hours of continuous use, while the case fully charges the earbuds another 3 times.



Their audio quality is very reminiscent of the cheap but solid Xiaomi Piston (Check on and although they are this small they dish out an important bass which makes them very suitable for listening to music. Call quality is also good but Xiaomi should have worked more on the microphone. Your voice will have low volume and often sound metallic.


The Xiaomi Mi Airdots have an MSRP of $30, however, due to low initial availability and high demand, the price has risen online up to double that (Check on Considering all the drawbacks we still recommend them as a budget purchase but only if you can find them at a price close to MSRP.

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