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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S review

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When Xiaomi Mi Band came to the market, this gadget didn’t look like it could really capture the public’s attention, despite its low price. After a year a lot has changed, the price has gone down (Check on, the compatibility has increased, the autonomy still improved and the app is now available in the Play Store.



The box is big enough to hold what you need: Mi Band, Silky Bracelet and USB Charger.

Design and Fit

Design and Fit

The Mi Band 1S is pretty much the same as the old model, so much so that it is indifferent at first glance. The product is small and light and sits tightly inside the Silky Bracelet. The new Xiaomi device retains the waterproof IP67 standard: it can, therefore, survive rain and the occasional spill, but not a dunk.

The Mi Band 1S wrist is very thin and does not get caught into clothes, although the bracelets snap may be a bit cumbersome for those who work at the PC.



The hardware is extremely easy. Inside there are a number of sensors and a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 module for easy connection with your smartphone. The connection, however, is not always active, thus saving on the battery of both devices. The real difference to the first Mi Band, however, is the heart rate reader that allows you to track your heart rate (better tighten that bracelet on the wrist). Mi Band 1S also retains the vibration function, usable for alerting you about notifications or clock alarms.



The Mi Fit application may seem identical to the one launched with the first Mi Band, yet a lot has changed inside. To use it you need to create a Xiaomi account to back up your data to the cloud. Synchronizing data from the Mi Band 1S happens very quickly and everything is shown clearly with a graph. Touching the ring will show you more details. By pressing the button at the top left you will see a recap for the past few days. At the bottom of the page, you can find instead hints and tips regarding your day-to-day activities.

There is a new entry devoted to monitoring your weight. In addition, we have a new Running button that allows you to make the most of the new Mi Band 1S: it is now possible to track a running session and other than the classic data (such as calories and time) also track the course with GPS from the phone and your heart rate from the band.

In addition, we have the possibility to measure our pulse manually (i.e. a single measurement), to set alarm clocks with vibration or to search for the Mi Band 1S via Bluetooth. It can also be used to unlock your Android smartphone thanks to Smart lock.

The autonomy of the Mi Band 1S is very good, far outperforming that of many other similar products at over a month-long. In the settings you can enable pulse measuring while sleeping, to enhance accuracy.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S costs (Check on which is a great deal and much less than similar devices.

Final Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is an excellent evolution of the previous model and adds an important feature (the heart rate sensor) that does not affect the simplicity and flexibility of the device. At this market value, you cannot help but give this device a thumbs up.

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